Hello friends,
                  I have got one trick .It is good trick to disturb or annoy someone.
So, you should try this trick……And enjoy.
To try this trick on your PC or Laptop you should follow the below steps:
  1. open  notepad
  2. And  copy  the  below  code  in  notepad
  3. After  that  you need to save this file with the name Shaun.bat, the extention .bat is necessary.
  4. then try to open that file.
@ECHO off
msg * shauntheblogger.blogspot.com
msg * Hey
msg * You are my best friend !!!
msg * Want to have Fun?
msg * You do?
msg * We will both have fun, alright?
msg * More fun?
msg * Tell me who am I ?
msg * You are master mind !!!!!!
msg * Getting fun ?????
msg * All is well ?
msg * You are OK ???
msg * For more tricks visit SHAUNTHEBLOGGER.BLOGSPOT.COM
msg * I hope you will visit…..
msg * You are happy ?
msg * Your welcome….!!!!
msg * Enjoying nnnnnnnnnn…..
msg *  Don’t speak abuse.
msg * Study for your exam…
msg * Visit shauntheblogger.blogspot.com for getting free mobile recharge
msg * You had diner???
msg * What’s your aim???
msg * Best blog is shauntheblogger.blogspot.com
msg * I hope you are enjoyed much…..
msg * Sorry if you are disturbed….
msg * But I don’t think so…
msg * You want to become blogger like me..
msg * Then please visit shauntheblogger.blogspot.com
msg * Thank you and SOOOOOOOORY……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bye…
Give your feedback in comments…
Come back on shauntheblogger.blogspot.com for more tricks.

                                     THANK YOU

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