Aircel Sim Reader App – Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

App Name: Aircel Sim Reader – Get Aircel Sim Serial Number

Play Store Link: Click Here

Version: 2.2

Permissions Required: 

  1. android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
    This permission is used by the app for reading the Network Sim Serial Number.
  2. Internet Permission
    Needed for the in-app Ads.

Currently, App uses no other Permissions.

Aircel Sim Reader is an Android App launched on 15th March 2018 which reads the User’s Sim Serial Number. This app is useful and one of the handy tools for the users who are in need of Aircel or any other network Sim Serial Number.

Sim Serial Number is one of the crucial information which is required for several purposes and one of them is Porting out to Another Network.