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Airtel Payments Bank Offer : Earn 7.25% Interest on Your Savings!!
The Indian government is moving forward to bring cashless economy in India. Renowned Companies like Paytm, Airtel are in the favor of this move. Recently, Airtel has also started its pilot services across India to promote the cashless economy. Now, You can create a saving account in Airtel payments Bank. Due to less infrastructure of Airtel payments bank, they are offering you a huge interest of 7.25% on your savings in the bank account.

How To Open an Account in Airtel Payments Bank?

1. You have to visit nearest Airtel retailer.
2. You should have your Aadhar Card information and Pan Card information with you to open the account.
3. You can create Payments Bank account on your any mobile number (It may be of Airtel or Non-Airtel). This mobile number will be your Bank account number.
4. Minimum Rs. 100 is to be paid to open the account. But, you will get Rs. 50 in your account. Because Rs. 50 will be deducted as fee to open the account.
5. Your account will be live within few seconds.

Benefits Of Opening an Account in Airtel payments Bank

Airtel Payments Bank

1. Airtel Payments Bank gives the huge interests of 7.25% on your savings. No need of fixed deposits.
2. Interests will be paid to you on the first of every month.
3. You will be provided free Accidental Insurance of up to Rs. 1 lakh by Bharti Axa Life Insurance.
4. You will be given an Online Virtual MasterCard by Airtel which can be used anywhere in India.
5. The Bank is now listed in approximately all the payment options around India.
6. 5% cashback on your first two airtel prepaid or DTH recharges is offered when you pay through Airtel payments bank.
7. If, You create Bank account on your Airtel Number, You will be offered free Airtel to Airtel minutes of the same amount you have deposited in your account. (Means, If you have deposited Rs. 1000, you will get 1000 Airtel to Airtel minutes)
8. You can easily handle your account in My Airtel App

NOTE: You will get Interest at the rate of 7.25% on Savings Balance per Year but the interest amount will be credited every month. See the example given below to Clearly understand this Concept.

Example: Consider you have Rs 5000 in your Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account. So 7.25% of Rs 5000 will be Rs 362.5. So you will be getting Interest amount of Rs 362.5 annually but this amount will be divided for each month & you will get paid every month.

Rs 362.5 Interest Amount / 12 Months = Rs 30.20 Approx.

So every month your account will be credited Rs 30.20 for 12 months for Principle Amount of Rs 5000. Hope this clears your doubts. 

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Terms & Conditions

1. Maximum of Rs. 1 Lakh can be deposited into your account. Depositing higher amounts will cause your bank account close by Bank authorities.
2. Insurance is valid for 1 month only after you have created the account. However, this insurance can be renewed for next month easily.
3. Here, we have listed necessarily terms. For more information visit to Terms & Conditions – Airtel Payments Bank
4. Airtel users can also contact on 400 (Toll free). Non-Airtel users can contact on 8800688006.

Proof of Interests by Airtel Payments Bank

Airtel Payments Bank interests proof
You can see Interest is paid for February Month

Still Confused? Ask anything in the comment section. We will Help you out! 🙂

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Airtel Payments Bank Offers

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If I deposit Rs.10000/- in 1 January 2017 and I withdraw Rs.5000/- in 2 February 2017 and again I added Rs.2000/- in 1 March 2017 then how interest I would get?

Husen Memon

Interest is on the Yearly basis, so for the first month, interest would be counted for Rs 10000 that u have. Then if you withdraw Rs 5000 then for the 2nd month your interest would be counted for the remaining amount and same for the third month you will get interested for Rs 7000 that you have in your account. Hope it clears your doubt.

Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar

If you deposit 5000 … You will get 1 rupee for day.. lol


7.5% Jo interest milta hai wo her month milta hai kya ?

Harsh Goyal
Harsh Goyal

Bro, Interest will be calculated on yearly base but you will get per month


If I deposit 5000 today ,then when I will get interest amount and how much interest?


Id I deposit 5000 today ,then when I will get interest amount and how much interest?

Harsh Goyal
Harsh Goyal

The Interest for Rs. 5000, you get after 1 month will be approx. Rs. 30.

Alternatively, for better clarification, You can use this formula:
A = P(1.005958903)^n
Here A = Amount you will get after n months
P= Principle, Amount you are going to save in Airtel Payments Bank
n= no. of months