Amazon Honor Band 4 Quiz Answers

Amazon Honor Band 4 Quiz Answers – 21st June 2019, Amazon has again come up with a new offer. Now Amazon is offering Honor Band 4 Quiz Answers. This quiz is valid only for today. Winners of this quiz will be announced soon. So follow the below steps and play this quiz.

Amazon Honor Band 4 Quiz Overview

  1. What is the offer?
    • Amazon Honor Band 4 Quiz
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    • 21st June 2019

 Amazon Honor Band 4 Quiz Answers

1) This year will be the 20th anniversary of ‘Operation VIJAY’ in India’s history. Which victorious war are we celebrating?

Ans- Kargil war

2) Jallikattu, a famous sport in Tamil Nadu, broke a world record this year for entering the maximum number of participating animals into the sporting arena. Which animal does this game involve?

Ans- Bull

3) India’s second mission to the moon, Chandraayan 2 is all set to blast off into space and aim for landing on the moon’s South Pole, where no one has ever been before. When will it be launched?

Ans- 15th July 2019

4) Featuring over 70 songs, which of these Bollywood films holds the record for the highest number of songs?

Ans- Indrasabha

5) Today is the International Day of Yoga, celebrated annually on June 21. After a unanimous declaration for this day by the UN general assembly, when was the first ever International Day of Yoga celebrated worldwide?

Ans- 2015

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