Amazon JBL Flip 4 Quiz

Amazon JBL Flip 4 Quiz Answers : Play And Win, Now Amazon has again come up with a new offer, This time Amazon is offering JBL Flip 4. This quiztime contest is valid for today 27th November 2018 till 11:59 PM. Below is the Amazon app download link.


Amazon Quiz Offer Overview

  1. What is the offer?
    • Play Quiz & Win JBL Flip 4
  2. Offer Validity?
    • Offer is applicable from 27rd November 2018 8:00 Am to 27rd November 2018 11:59 Pm.

Amazon JBL Flip 4 Quiz Answers – 

1. What famous comic book character is called the ‘Merc with a mouth’ because of his tendency to joke constantly?

Answer – Deadpool

2. If you hit a cotton ball and a golf ball with a golf club applying the same force, which would accelerate the most?

Answer – The Cotton Ball Because it has Less Mass

3. Which bank recently launched India’s first interactive credit card with buttons?

Answer – Indusind Bank

4. In terms of area, which one is larger – India or Brazil?

Answer – Brazil

5. What currency does Ukraine use?

Answer – Hryvnia

How to Play JBL Flip 4 Quiz?

  • Firstly Goto Amazon from Offer page
  • And download Amazon App.
  • Now install the app and then launch the app.
  • The login or register a new account on Amazon.
  • Verify your mobile number with one time password.
  • Then Goto App dashboard, and then scroll down.
  • Now look for JBL Flip 4 Quiztime.
  • Then click on Quiz time banner.
  • Now Click on Start button and then Give the correct answer.

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