Talking about the leader of the whole industry of sports wagering worldwide, Bet365 can be characterised as the most appropriate candidate. To prove it let us introduce you some fact about the company.

It was founded in 2000 by Denise Coates, who’s been rewarded with the title of one of the most richest and powerful woman in Great Britain by many authority sources, such as Forbes.

They were the first company who’s transited into the online instead of offline shops. The domain was bought for 19 000€ on eBay, by the way.

Moreover, they were the first who’s introduced an extended sportsbook beyond bookies, as well as the first who has integrated live-steam broadcasting of events into their platform. It happened in 2009, during the football match England vs Ukraine National Teams.

By the present time, Bet365 has one of the most innovative and well-developed mobile applications across others. They optimised both for Android and iOS operational systems. The current article would consist of the instructions of bet365 app download and give a brief look on the mobile version of website.

How to download Bet365 Mobile App for Android?

In order to install the Bet365 app, your gadget must be updated to Android 2.2 or later version of OS and has about 36 MB free memory space.

In case your phone follows the requirements, you can easily download it via our website in form of Bet365 apk file. It much more easier, because there might appear some problems with finding it in PlayMarket of several countries for the reason it restricted here.

The only challenge you may face with – an error mistake with the absence of permission to download files from unknown sources. To handle with it:

  1. Open the options of your phone gadget
  2. Turn to the section connected with Privacy/Security
  3. Pick the tick on allowing to download from anywhere (it’s safety)

How to download Bet365 Mobile App for iOS?

The tutorial of this procedure for Apple production is a little bit different, but also easy enough to be proceeded.

You might not find the Bet365 mobile app in AppStore, because it banned in your region of presence. Solution?

Change the region of presence. How? This way:

  1. Open the options and turn to profile settings
  2. Tap on «AppStore&iTunesStore» icon
  3. Lock out your Apple ID via inserting your password
  4. Change the region of presence to something else (e.g. Malta) in appropriate space.

After refreshing of your iPhone or iPad, try one more time. I guess it would appear now.

Review of Mobile Version Bet365

The website ordinary version is completely optimised to the mobile screen resolutions as well. Thus, it can be easily accessed through the browser of your mobile phone whatever type of mobile phone you have.

It designed equally to the application – with same menu’s bar and column at the same places. Talking about disadvantages of it instead of app, there might be highlighted a lack of notification features, poor broadcasting of match-streams and low level of safety.

Therefore, it would be better to get the bet 365 app in case you decided to wager as a professional. In case you don’t, you should change your opinion.

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