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                    Today you are going to read something amazing(I know our tricks are astonishing!!!). So, it is about blocking the websites. We often in our daily routine find our children unsafe on the internet. But, that won’t trouble you all anymore.The trick is quite simple  mean very simple and is  described in very easy steps. So now i will bring an end to the anxiety. Here, the steps are:
Step 1:- First of all open run(Windows+R) and type “C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts”.
Step 2:- Now this will take you to such a choice menu. Select notepad and open the file.
Step 3:- Now you can get a better idea by seeing the images. So now type the desired link to be blocked after # and then save file.

“”” How do you save the file”””
Saving the file is not at all troublesome.
Step 1:-Open run and type “C:WindowsSystem32driversetc” and hit enter.
Step 2:- Now drag mouse to hosts and make right click.
Step 3:- Choose properties.
Step 4:- Go to security and change the settings. Now find users(Windows 7) and edit and modify the settings. You can tick on full control and then try saving the file and your site is blocked.
Note:- The trick has been tried on various operating system platforms and is safe and secure if used with proper steps taken that too carefully.Kindly contact if you face any problem with regards to the trick.
Also be careful while searching and opening the file, i.e. don’t forget to select “All files” instead of “Text documents”

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