Honor Play Slash Price Offer

Honor Bargain Bazaar: Slash Price & Get Honor Play Smartphone Worth Rs 20,000 Absolutely Free!! After Mi Price Drop & Limeroad Cut The Price, here comes the Bargain Bazaar Slash the Price Loot from Honor. Invite Friends and Slash the Price to Grab Honor Play Smartphone worth Rs 19,999 absolutely Free. You just have to invite your friends on website, nothing else, no app download required. This is the biggest loot offer out there. So let’s loot it.

Honor Slash the Price

Steps to Grab Honor Play for Free

Step 1: Visit the Honor Play Slash the Price Page: Click Here

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Step 2: Scroll down and click on Slash and then login or signup at HiHonor Website.

Step 3: You will be again redirected to the Slash the Price Page. Scroll down and again click on Slash button.

Step 4: Then you will get an option to Start your Activity. Click on it and you will slash the price for yourself.

Step 5: Now click on Ask friends to help slash the price button and share the post on Facebook.Honor Price Drop

Step 6: Copy your unique link and viral it with your friends. Every friend can help you slash the price by upto Rs 100. So invite as many friends as many possible and try to slash the price to Rs 0.

Step 7: Once done, you can grab the Honor Play Smartphone absolutely Free!

More Details

How to Play:

1. Log in and start the activity.
2. Slash the price of your Honor Play to start the game.
3. Share it on Facebook and ask your friends to help you slash the Prize.
4. You will only be eligible to win the Honor Play if you reach the Target price of 0.
5. Your friends can also start their Own activity , where they can go for winning the prize too.

Other Tips:

1. Copy the share URL from Facebook and share it on as many Social platforms (twitter, instagram, whatsapp etc).
2. Get as many people as fast as you can , as the stock is limited and only the Fastest users to reach zero would win.
3. A friend can only help you slash a maximum of 100 INR , so dont rely on the luck, invite as many people to help you as you can.

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