VLC is a video player with a lot of tricks. While you definitely would be aware about converting videos with it, the feature of converting any video to ASCII is one that is slightly less known. As ASCII version of movies like Star wars are very popular online, I think this feature of this amazing media player can be used to have lots of fun.

An example of a video in ASCII form

All you need to do is open any video and VLC will automatically display its converted form. To convert any video in ASCII, just follow the steps given below:-

1) Open VLC Media Player.
2) Click on the Tools menu and in the drop down list, click on Preferences at the bottom of the list (or press Ctrl+P).
3) Click on Video icon in the left sidebar.

4) On the right side there is one option which is OUTPUT, click on it and select  “Color ASCII art video output” tap from the drop down list.
5) Now save and restart VLC.
6) Now press Ctrl+O and play the desired video.
If you want to change the ASCII video into older form then you just need to follow the same steps but in OUTPUT option instead of Color ASCII art video output you need to select “Default” option.

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