Crack BIOS Password with Easy Steps

This problem was asked by Patel Jaimin. We are providing its solution!

What Is BIOS?
Its an over all system of main-board to control everything like external hardware parts of our system.
Why To Create Its Password?

If any one change your system hardware  parts setting than your PC will not work properly so we need to protect its settings.
Some time we lost password then? and this BIOS is very important for changing any setting in BIOS.
If You lost your password so do this simple steps and unlock your BIOS again.

Steps To unlock BIOS Password :-

>Open the CPU
>Observe the Motherbord
>Remove the Silver Battery(3v)
>Wait 2 minutes and place the Battery
>>Restoring a Lost Desktop-
>Type a period ” . ”
>Then press Enter


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