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(*Hack*) How to Download Paid Apps from Windows Store for Free!

Windows 8,8.1 apps for free-hello guys I’m back with my new hack trick, In these trick I’m going to show you How to get Windows 8 or 8.1 apps for free!


windows store

  1. download paid apps from windows store for free
  2. Apps which content contain locker when they pay the bar will get unlocked.


So here, I’m going to show you how to get paid apps for free and their content for free ,token extrater: These apps content root sucer which goes to that file which contain the oblic data of file when we use token extrator the file data will get replaced with the crack one’s. download paid apps from windows store for free!

What is Token Extratar And Why we are going to use this?

1)There are some people they have wifi at there home, they download some apps, games from store, so token extrator is app cracker which cracks these store and apps which we have downloaded from the store, if we use token extrator we have to take care of some precautions which are listed below.


  1. When You download the app from the store don’t open that app you need to open extrator first then find the app which you have installed and want to crack then click on the app and and click on crack it,its takes fraction of second then click on apply it
  2. Then close the tab and refresh your pc and start that app,Wow the app which you are using shows you are already paid.


How to Use?

I will let you guys know how to get paid Apps for free on a (64 BIT) & (32 BIT).
(WARNING) It will say the file is a virus but it is not a virus, its only because its a crack. I test out everything before I post it & it works perfectly. Just follow all my steps.

  1. First, you need to go to app store & click on a app you want & instead of clicking Buy It click the button that says Try It. Wait until the app is completely installed do not open the app afters its installed.
  2. Now download the Extractor file from Here: Click Here
  3. After you download the file Extract everything to your desktop then open up the folder.
  4. Click on the folder that says release & open it. If you have a 32 Bit computer open the folder that says wscrack_32 and If you have a 64 open the folder that says wscrack_64.
  5. After you open one of those folders click on the file that says installer & wait until it finishes should be quick then go back to the release folder & click the folder called wscrack_anycpu.
  6. After you open the folder you should see a file called TokensExtractor open that file & wait until it opens. When it opens you will see a bunch of Apps listed find the Apps you recently installed should have the word (Trial) at the end of it then click on it & click Crack It then should be all set & should have the full game.



We are done and we have hacked the apps. Now you can use these app as much as you can. You will did not get ban, don’t take tension because app conatin some server enjector which remotley reverse the server!

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Download Paid Apps from Windows Store for Free

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