Free Recharge Loot Rs.1000

Hey friends we are back with Giveaway after a long time. But this time we are with Big Bang Loot for you. This giveaway is worth Rs.1000 free recharge loot. So must participate friends.

If you participate then you will get Rs.10 free recharge instantly and this is for first 100 readers. So be fast and loot fast. This giveaway is sponsored by Nestham Recharge!

Note: Only valid for first 100 Readers. So must avail it fast!

About Giveaway:

This giveaway is specially for TrickyTime readers and sponsored by Nestham Recharge. You just have to participate in the giveaway by following the given steps and you will get Rs.10 free recharge within few minuted. So avail it. Please note that the giveaway is only valid for first 100 readers. So avail it ASAP!

Update: Giveaway is over now. Thanks for participating. Hope you all enjoyed and got your rewards. Thank you!

How to participate in the Giveaway?

  1. First of all Download/Update Nestham app from Playstore: Click Here
  2. Open the app and sign in.
  3. Now again visit the app on Playstore: Click Here
  4. Now rate the app 5 stars and write few lines of review. (see the image below)
    Please Note: Your Play store review email and Nestham Recharge app registered email must be same. 

    Rs.1000 Free Recharge Giveaway for TrickyTime Readers-May'16
    Example Review on Playstore
  5. Submit the review.
  6. Now just fill the below form. Enter email from which you reviewed on play store.
  7. Submit the form and after verification your Nestham wallet will be credited with Rs.10. Just use that amount to recharge or pay bills, etc.


Not able to see form. Click here for Web link: Click Here

Few Sweet Rules of Giveaway:

  1. Only valid once per reader.
  2. Multiple entries will lead to block from giveaway.
  3. Don’t edit/delete review from play store after you get recharge. If you do so then you will be blocked from the future giveaways.
  4. Your Play store review email and Nestham registered email must be same.
  5. If you are facing any problem then just comment below. We will help you out!

After you get Rs.10 please comment below so that others also get aware about it!

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Few Wallet Offers from Nestham:

Rs.1000 Free Recharge Giveaway for TrickyTime Readers-May'16

TrickyTime Free Recharge Giveaway

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