We all know about the Nepal Earthquake Tragedy.
Victim really need our help.
We can help them by donating some money to them.

So here we are sharing a way by which we can help Nepal Earthquake victims by doing a small 5 seconds work.
By doing this you will help the victims also and you also earn some money!
So it’s good.

Give Missed Call: Freecharge Will Donate Rs. 20 To Nepal Earthquake Victims & You Will Get Rs 20 as a Token of Thanks  


1. Call 9590666222 (Add 0 or country code in front of the number if any error occurs).
2. Wait for the call to disconnect automatically.

For this missed, FreeCharge will donate Rs.20. And you will also receive Rs.20 FreeCharge code within 24 hours. Don’t panic for your FreeCharge code as it will be send soon. But the more importan thing is that to help the victims in Nepal. So just missed call from evry mobile number you own and help the victims.

One missed is allowed per unique number!

So encourage your friends and share them this post to help the victims more and more!

Pray for Nepal Victims

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