Here's Why Moderate Gaming Can Be Beneficial For You And Your Kid!

There is enough evidence to suggest that playing video games in moderation can have a positive impact on a child. Whether we speak of the psychological or sociological effects of playing video games, they are certainly not as tainted as they are made to look. When taken up in moderation, gaming can help on the developmental front among children of several age groups.

It is only when children engage in gameplay for more than 2 – 3 hours in a day that they invite harm. It is up to the parents to oversee that their children do not overspend their time sitting in front of a gaming console. However, moderate gameplay will always prevail over no play because it certainly lends an edge to the overall development of a kid.

Want to know how? Let us find out why moderate gaming is good for you and your kid.

Here’s Why You Should Let Your Kid Play A Game For A Few Hours Every Week! 

They Help Exercise The Brain

Enough studies have been conducted to reinforce this finding and assert that playing video games give a new direction to the cognitive skills in a child. The grey matter in the brain increases due to the effect of playing video games which helps to refine the skills the child has learnt. The activity can even help improve hardwired skills in children.

Here's Why Moderate Gaming Can Be Beneficial For You And Your Kid!


Thus, it is not difficult to understand why playing video games has a positive and active impact on prominent regions of the human brain. Playing video games for as long as one hour a day can be considered moderate to attain these benefits. Try and play the ludo game online with your little one to help them start with simple and interesting gameplay.

Helps Solve Real-World Problems

There are many games which can provide the power to learn problem-solving tips and strategy-building skills. Kids and teens can have ludo download on their phone and other similar games to engage in gameplay every day for healthy skill-development. Kids can learn the crucial skills on best moves and decision-making skills with this game.

As a traditional game, it helps to open up the mind to possibilities and opportunities with a very simple and exciting game design. Engaging in routine combat, even with friends and family in this game, will be a productive way to spend time and learn something new.

Not Really Bad For The Body Either

Often, parents come to believe that regular gameplay may be harmful to their little one. However, moderate gaming never hurt a child and may even come to deliver some useful benefits, apart from mental development. Studies support the fact that playing games in moderation also helps in the development of eyesight, along with improvement in eye and hand coordination.

Now that is something you would definitely want for your child! Delve deeper into the findings of these studies, and you will find that some action-oriented games may even lend the ability to gain a better perception of colour contrast.

The precision in muscle movement and development of crucial motor skills are boons given by games which are absolutely welcome for any child, as long as it is in moderation.

May Promote Good Social Behaviour

You may often battle with a shy and introvert kid at home but are they the same when playing a game? Probably not.

Games are an excellent way for kids to make friends and participate in social groups. Over time, this social bonding might emerge out of their screen and extend to become a part of their real-life as well. Moreover, you never know when these games become the central topic of discussion for them among their friends and help them feel more accepted.

Induces Exercising In Real-Time

Once children are energised with their game time and are happy with the way they get to spend their time, they are more likely to hear you out when you ask them to engage in physical activity. Moreover, games tend to cast an impression with typical moves or actions, so kids feel excited to include them in their routine.

Getting your child to move around may not really be as difficult as you would have thought so far.

Allows Sharing Of Competitive Joy

When played in moderation, a game may encourage your child to play in the spirit of competition with their peers actively. This may be more productive in their development than you can imagine. Gaining small achievements through these games help them feel a sense of victory and fame and give them immense satisfaction.

Playing games is a safe channel for your kid to gain this competitive sense which may not come to them by other means.

A Chance To Lead

In real life, children often miss the chance to lead in their class or among a group. This might make them feel left out. However, allowing them to play a game is one good way to help them feel this vividly.

In gameplay, they will often have a chance to lead a clan or a group and take important decisions. Not only is this productive in the sense that they will learn new skills but also helpful because it will give your little one a chance to lead and understand the roles and responsibilities which come with it. They may face new situations and problems in this role, which will demand their actionable move to tackle them.

In Conclusion

Playing games is great! There is no denying that fact.

Games are really good for you and your kids on many levels. But then, is it okay to let them play all day long? Definitely not.

It is not a good option for their health and long-term development. Playing games in excess may give a rebound to every benefit which has been listed above and may prove to be counter-productive instead of lending any benefits at all.

Games are all bling and shine as long as they are consumed in moderation. It’s a great idea to encourage your child to play a game of their choice, as it can benefit them in many ways. And the best part is that you can join them and have some lovely parent-child bonding time.

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