Instructions for Becoming Well Author

Hope you Joined the Author Group. Its time for Starting and Publishing Cool Articles.

Just Follow the Given Instructions Carefully While making the Post/Article.

Useful Instructions:

  1. Write Good Content that works well and brings more traffic.
  2. Use Computer or Laptop when you are writing article.
  3. Make an article at least of 100 Words.
  4. Use only one format in writing article. Check out the Format of Posts written at & Try to Manipulate the same format!
  5. Do not Copy & Paste any Content from any Source. Create your Own Content.
  6. Add Specific Categories and Important Tags in every article you post.
  7. Add Featured Image in every Article You Post.
  8. Add Some Useful Focus Keywords and Meta Description in every Article you post(Add it in Yoast SEO section located below your post edit area).

If you still need any guidance then just contact me at Whatsapp on 9408370348.