Hello friends,
                     Shauntheblogger is back with another trick. And i am sure this trick will just amaze you! Yes the tittle is correct. Now lock your important folders and files .  So, you can do it by following the easy steps.
 1) Firstly, simply download the software free folder protector. You can download it by following link:-
 Download For Win 7, Vista, 8
Downlaod for Win XP
2) Now, i will tell you it’s usage process. When you start this program it will ask you to enter your desired password for permanency. After entering the program will open a folder on desktop and in this folder you just simply have to drop all your important documents.
3) After adding your files you may close the folder.
4) Then, you can use the menu in the program to lock your folder. To lock just type, lock as your action and unlock for undo.
5) And now if you are done with all that or still face any problem just send your queries to us and we will reply you soon.

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