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(Loot) Buy OnePlus 6 & Get Rs 1000 Off Coupon + Additional 3 Months Warranty!! – OnePlus is back with OnePlus India Referral or Invite Program where one can participate by Verifying their OnePlus device and can win some great prizes including OnePlus 6 Smartphone. If you are looking to Buy OnePlus 6 Smartphone then you can grab Free Rs 1000 Discount Coupon from OnePlusStore and can also grab free 3 months additional warranty on your new device. Let’s check the details.

OnePlus 6 Special Offers


Update: Make the Payment using City Bank Debit or Credit Cards at OnePlusStore and Get Rs 2000 Additional Cashback!! 😍

Total Benefits: Rs 1000 Discount Coupon + Rs 2000 Cashback = Rs 3000

  • Buy OnePlus from OnePlusStore: Get Rs 1000 Discount Coupon + Rs 2000 Cashback on Paying through City Bank Debit/Credit Cards.
  • Buy OnePlus from Get Extra 3 Months Warranty + Rs 2000 Cashback on Paying through SBI Debit/Credit Cards.

Steps to Get Rs 1000 Discount Code from OnePlus

Step 1: Visit the Discount Voucher Page to Redeem your Rs 1000 Voucher Code: Click Here


Step 2: Click on REDEEM button and Signup or Login to your OnePlus account.

Step 3: You will get your Unique Rs 1000 Discount Voucher Code which you can use to purchase any Accessories or Gear from OnePlus Store.

Step 4: Now proceed ahead to OnePlus 6 Product Page: Click Here

Step 5: Add your Choice Version of OnePlus 6 to your Cart along with any Accessories or Gear that you want to buy using Rs 1000 Discount Voucher.

Step 6: Now enter your Unique Discount Voucher Code to get flat Rs 1000 Discount on your Accessories or Gear Purchase.

Step 7: Complete the Payment and finish the Order.

BONUS: Pay using City Debit or Credit Cards to receive additional Rs 2000 Cashback!! If you don’t have any such cards then arrange it from your friends or collegues, but don’t miss this offer.

Step 8: So this way you got any Accessories or Gear from OnePlus worth Rs 1000 absolutely free.

Steps to Grab Additional 3 Months Free Warranty on OnePlus 6

If you want additional 3 months warranty on your New OnePlus 6 then you need to purchase it from Amazon India Store. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit OnePlus 6 Product Page on Click Here

Step 2: Select your Choice Variant and Add it to the Cart.

Step 3: Enter your Shipping Address and Proceed to Checkout.

Step 4: On Checkout Page, you have to apply one of the Coupon Codes given below.

  • Coupon code for Purchase of OnePlus 6 (Mirror Black 6GB RAM + 64GB memory)9P4U-92WYVY-AXYMYN
  • Coupon code for Purchase of OnePlus 6 (Mirror Black 8GB RAM + 128GB memory)VYQU-6Z89EJ-7TLQW9
  • Coupon code for Purchase of OnePlus 6 (Midnight Black 8GB RAM + 128GB memory)LUGF-YQP5AH-GUDHVG

Step 5: Complete the Payment and finish the order.

Tip: Use SBI Debit or Credit Card to Get Rs 2000 Cashback.

That’s it. You will receive additional 3 months warranty for your new OnePlus 6 Absolutely Free.

Additional Offers you get when you Buy OnePlus 6:

  1. Buy OnePlus 6 using Citibank Cards and get Rs. 2000 cash back. (Expires on 30th June).
  2. Buy OnePlus 6 and Get Free Servify 12 Months Damage Protection Plan on opening Kotak 811 Account.
  3. Buy OnePlus 6 and Get Free 1000 GB Idea Data and other benefits.
  4. Buy OnePlus 6 and Get benefits of upto Rs 25,000 on Flight and Hotel Bookings with Cleartrip.
  5. Buy OnePlus 6 and Get Rs 250 as Amazon Pay Balance on streaming prime video.
  6. Buy OnePlus 6 and Get Rs 500 Kindle Ebook promotion credits.

OnePlus India Referral Program

Step 1
Verify your OnePlus device to generate your referral link.
Step 2
Your friend will receive ₹1000 to spend on accessories and gear when they purchase a OnePlus smartphone.
Step 3
You will receive 100 points to spend on OnePlus gear, accessories, and vouchers.
Step 4
Spend your points on OnePlus products, gear, and accessories!

Steps to Start Referring Friends:

Step 1: Visit the OnePlus Referral Hub: Click Here

Step 2: Login or Signup for a OnePlus Account.

Step 3: You will get your Unique Referral or Invite link. Just copy it.

Step 4: Share your OnePlus Invite Link with your friends and ask them to claim their Rs 1000 Discount Coupon.

Step 5: Once they Redeem and Buy a new OnePlus 6 Smartphone, you will get 100 Points.

Step 6: Your friends will get Rs 1000 Discount Code for Purchase of Accessories or Gear.

Refer more friends to earn more points and you can use your earned points to redeem amazing prizes at OnePlus.

Redeem Points for Prizes

  • OnePlus 6 Smartphone – 7000 Points
  • Rs 500 Off Coupon – 100 Points 
  • Rs 1000 Off Coupon – 200 Points 
  • A Free OnePlus V2 Bullet Earphones – 200 Points  
  • A Free Dash Type-C Cable – 150 Points  
  • A Free Dash Car Charger – 300 Point
  • Rs 2500 Off Coupon – 500 Points
  • Free Travel Backpack – 600 Points
  • Rs 3500 Off Coupon – 700 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding OnePlus 6 Invite or Referral Program.

Q1. Who can participate in the OnePlus referral program?

When you purchase a smartphone on, you’ll receive your referral link. If you’ve ever purchased a smartphone on or other OnePlus official channels, you can participate by verifying the IMEI number of your OnePlus device. This program is open to owners of the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.

Q2. I’ve invited my friend, and they’ve purchased a smartphone. Why don’t I have my points?

It may take up to 30 days after your friend purchases a device through your link before referral points are added to your account. You will get a notification email when your points can be used. You can also see an estimated date of arrival on your referral hub.

Q3. How can I spend my points?

Use your referral points on exclusive OnePlus accessories, gear and vouchers. Please visit the referral hub to find out what’s available right now. Referral points will never expire, but once they have been redeemed to make a voucher, the voucher must be used within 30 days of its generation.

Q4. How much are referral points worth?

OnePlus referral points have no real financial value. Check the referral hub to see what products you can currently purchase using your referral points. Please note that there are no limits for referral points you could get.

Q5. Can my friend use multiple referral links?

Your friend may only use one referral link when purchasing a OnePlus smartphone. However, there is no limit to the amount of people that can use a single link. So, share, share, share!

Q6. How to participate if your OnePlus smartphone is not purchased via

To enter the referral program using a OnePlus device not purchased via, simply verify the IMEI number of your existing OnePlus device at Once your IMEI number has been verified, a unique referral code will be generated for your OnePlus account. Please refer to the link to learn where to find your IMEI number.

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