First Time On the Internet. We are Sharing a trick to convert earned internet data to recharge from hike. This trick is tested by us working very fine. You can get Rs.25 per refer. Means 50 MB=Rs.25 Free Recharge. Isn’t it huge! So carry on to the trick.

About Offer by Hike:

Hike is Indian Messaging app which connect your family and acquaintances. It is best app like whatsapp. This time, to promote their app and increase users, hike has comeup with awesome internet earning offer where you just need to invite a friend to hike and you and your friend both get free internet data which you can redeem for internet packs for free.
So hike is paying 50 Mb per friend and we have brought a new trick to convert this 50 Mb to Rs.25 free mobile recharge so yu can use this recharge for any use. 

Get Started with Hike to earn internet data or free recharge:

  1. First of all you need a latest version of hike. So download/update it by clicking here.
  2. Open Hike app and click on Get Started button.
  3. Enter your mobile number and verify it.
  4. Fill all other necessary details.
  5. You are done! You got 20 Mb bonus for registering. Just click on the 3 dots on top right side, select Rewards/Extras>Data Offer and you see you have got free 20 Mb. 
  6. Now just come to homepage in hike and again click on the three dots and select Invite Friends and start inviting your friends through free sms or personal referral link. Per friend you will earn 50 MB which you can redeem after earning atleast 100 mb. Means refer atkleast two friends.
  7. You can redeem your internet data by going in Rewards/Extras>Data Offer.Redeem and enter necessary details and confirm. You get your data pack.

Main Trick to convert Internet data to free recharge:

Note: 50MB=Rs.25 Recharge. Per friend you get Rs.25 Recharge.

  • After collecting enough data, you can redeem your data by going in Rewards/Extras>Data Offer. So click on Redeem button
  • Most Important Step: Select any incorrect operator. Means you need to select the operator which is not your number’s correct operator. Refer the image given.
Here mine is Idea operator. So i will not select idea as operator but any other incorrect operator. I have selected Airtel.
  • Enter other details correctly and click on Proceed.
  • Now you will be redirected to select any data pack. So select any data pack and click Redeem
  • Now it will show error. Recharge Unsuccessful. So don’t worry. This is due to the wrong operator we selected. Now it has given us one more oprion to redeem the data that is by talk time. refer the below image. They have asked us for talktime redemption. So click on Recharge.
  • Now you see your available balance. Here I have earned 270 MB data. So as 50MB=Rs.25, so 270MB=Rs.135. Refer the image given.

  • Hurray, So now enter all the correct details and amount for recharge and done! You redeemed your data for free recharge. Isn’t it rewarding and interesting. So do share this trick with your friends and earn unlimited.

Unlimited Earning Trick:


  • 2 android devices with hike installed. (One for main account and another for registring all other numbers)
  • Unlimited mobile numbers for unlimited earnings.

Steps for Unlimited Earnings:

  1. Download hike in both the devices if you don’t have it already. Download from here.
  2. Register yourself on one device only.(This will be the main account where all the earnings will be collected)
  3. Add your all unregistered numbers in your contact list. 
  4. Now open hike and go to Invite friends section and click on Invite by free SMS option.(From main account)
  5. Now search for your hike unregister number and click on Invite.
  6. Hike will send invite message to the number you sent sms. So verify whether the number you clicked received the message or not.
  7. After receiving invite message just register that unregistered number from another device. and check your main account. Your main account is credited with 50Mb free data.
  8. Now just clear the hike data from another device(not main account device) and again follow the same steps to register another number. You can arn unlimited for free.
Now, you can redeem your earning in two ways. One is, you can redeem for Free Internt Data by the simple method and another is, you can redeem for free recharge by the method we described above.

So this was very important trick we shared. Please share this trick with your friends so that they also earn.

You can also read this trick  Offline from our android app. If you don’t have the app then download it by clicking the below given button.

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