We are here to provide solution to the common problem we all face daily while using computers.

Many people submitted us their problem and we found that the common problem among them was that How to make Computer Work Faster?
So are you facing this problem?
Don’t worry!

We are here!!!

Make your Computer Work Faster and Smoother by Cleaning Up your Ram!

Well, there are many solutions to make your computer run faster but today we will discuss the easiest solution which works very well!
So follow up the simple steps and enjoy the smoothness of computer!
Steps to make your computer work faster and smoother:

1. Open Run (Press Windows+R )
2. Type Notepad and Click OK

3. Notepad will launch. Copy the below given code and paste it in Notepad.

4. Press Ctrl+S to save it.
5. Save it on Desktop with the name Ram.vbs (.vbs extension is important)
6. You see this saved notepad file on Desktop.  Just run it to apply the effects.
Did you notice changes?
Absolutely Yes!
So share it and enjoy!
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