Reliance Jio Trick

Reliance Jio: Trick to Bypass 2GB Data Limit to Unlimited Data, Calling, SMS!

Atlast the bang trick is here. Recently we posted about the Trick to Get Reliance Jio Preview Offer in All Android Phones and it worked for many. But the problem arrived that most of the users got 2GB Insternet data instead of Unlimited access. So many people asked me for trick to get unlimited access. Here we are, now bypass 2gb data limit to unlimited. This trick is currently working fine so loot it before it expires. Free Jio Sim trick is here, grab it asap and get free jio internet! Now also get Jio Happy New Year Offer for Free till 31st March 2017!

LATEST UPDATE: Activate Jio Prime Membership: Enjoy Free Services till 31st March 2018

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P.S. Trick written here is just meant for educational purposes. Try it at your own risk. We aren’t responsible for any misuse or any damage.

Reliance Jio: Trick to Bypass 2GB Data Limit to Unlimited Data, Calling, SMS

Latest Update: Jio Happy New Year Offer: Free Jio Services till 31st March 2017 (All Users)

Update: Reliance Jio has extended Preview offer for Samsung & LG 4G Devices too. Click Here to Read more details: Free Jio Sim: Reliance Jio Preview Offer for All Samsung & LG 4G Devices

Note: Many people had many problems and they commented below and almost all the problems faced using the trick are commented below and we have replied with the suitable answers for them. So go through the comments if you are facing any problem. If your problem is not mentioned in comment then comment your problem and we will reply!

If you haven’t yet got your Jio sim then here we have a tutorial where we have added Trick to Get Reliance Jio Preview Offer in All Android Phones! You can read the tutorial by Clicking Here: Click Here

We have also got another trick to get Free Jio Sim with Preview Offer. The Trick is also working for all and its official. You can now use one Jio sim internet in unlimited devices with the trick so must read the trick which is posted on the given link.

ANOTHER JIO SIM TRICK:  Free JIO 4G Sim: Get JioFi Device with Free Reliance Jio 4G Sim Preview Offer

So follow the given below steps if you are getting only 2GB data access after activating your Jio Sim. Now also solve the Busy Parameter Empty Error in Reliance Jio SIM. 

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Steps to Bypass 2GB Data Limit to Unlimited in Jio Sim:

  1. First of all, uninstall all the Jio apps including MyJio app.
  2. Turn on your Internet of Jio sim only. (If you have already exhausted full 2 GB data then use WiFi Internet and follow he guide.)
  3. Now download the MyJio apk from the given below link. (unlock the below locker first by sharing and the link will be visible then)

    Important: Download the file from the link only because the trick will work on that apk only.
  4. (Important)Install the MyJio app and close your mobile data (internet).
  5. Now open My Jio app and you will see Open option beside My Jio app option. Just click Open.
    Note: Follow the above step without Turning on your internet.
  6. Now it will say you No internet connection but don’t worry, just click on Signup option.
  7. Now Turn on your mobile internet. (Jio Sim Internet only)
  8. Signup using your Jio Sim mobile number. Complete Signup process.
  9. Now Signin to your registered account.
  10. Now fully close MyJio app.
  11. Now start installing all the 10 apps (like Jio Play, Jio Join, etc.)of Reliance Jio from playstore. (Must use Jio internet)
  12. After installing all the 10 apps, open all the apps one by one and also close them one by one.
  13. Now again Turn off your mobile internet and open MyJio app using open button present beside MyJio app lists.
  14. Now you will see Get Jio Sim option on the screen.Trick to Get Reliance Jio Preview Offer in All Android Phones
  15. Click on Get Jio Sim option.
  16. Now it will say No internet connection. Turn on your mobile internet. (Must use Jio Internet). Just go back by clicking your mobile back button and you will be signed in automatically.
  17. Hurray, you will see a Popup saying about Unlimited Data, calling offer. Just click on Submit and done! You got Unlimited Data, SMS, Calling access for 3 months free.

You successully Bypassed 2GB data limit to Unlimited. This trick also working on Rooted as well as unrooted devices. So must try and comment your status.

Solve Busy Parameter Empty Error:

Many people also faced error while signing up in MyJio app. Here is the solution to solve Busy Parameter Empty Error in free Jio sim for unlimited 4g internet free.

  1. Clear the Data of MyJio App.
  2. Open the app and again follow the same procedure given above to bypass 2GB data and calling limit to unlimited for 3 months.

No Pop up Problem also solved. If you are getting no preview offer pop up then just clear MyJio app data and again follow the given above step to bypass 2GB data and calling limit to unlimited for 3 months.


Now one request, just share this trick using the sharing option given below. It may help your friends too! Thank you!

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Bypass Data Limit in Jio Sim

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  1. hi sir i baught a sim today and it will be activated on 1 august.i have lenovo a7000 phone.i generate a code but i did not use it.i got my sim without any code because shopkeeper know what should i do for getting unlimited data and call.should i root my lenovo phone ?i have only lenovo a7000 phone.this is a 4g LTE handset.pls tell me 8107281472 i am waiting ur reply

  2. sir i got a sim but how can i attach this sim with my lenovo phone because i got the sim without any code.what should i do now for unlimited data.

  3. 1 how can i activated my sim?
    2 should i activate it on lyf or samsung device which i have not
    3 will i get unlimited data on lenovo a7000.i take sim without any code then how my sim add with lenovo phone
    pls read carefully and then answer

    • You need to get a sim using your bar code which you generated in your Kenobi phone. If not yet generated then follow our previous article for its trick. You can activate it from store and they will guide you what to do next. You can follow the give n trick in this article to get unlimited data for ur lenovo.

  4. What is trick to use jio sim in 3g phones Bypass Data Limit in Jio Sim Activate reliance jio sim in any android 3G device //..?

  5. if i rooted my lenovo phone and then put the imei number of a lyf mobile which i have baught earliar under this scheme then i sold it.then can i activate new jio 4g sim in my lenovo phone.if yes then how.can i get unlimited data.i take the sim without any barcode.i buy a sim like other barcode required no phone.shopkeeper ask me phone i said that i purchase it paytm and it will be delivered in one or two my problem is that my sim is not associate with my lenovo imei number.can i use unlimited data the sim is recognised my phone.can i use this sim now any other phone because this is not bound on imei number

  6. I have purchase a new lyf mobile with new jio sim card…can I use this sim in my samsung galaxy note 4. If yes please let me know how???

  7. Sir, my sim is been activated for only data but when I sign in it says unable to proceed request please try again later. It’s not signing in. When I sign up it says same error. But earlier I got signed up. But only getting error on signing in. Please need a quick response please…

  8. Man, I got it. Just updated my Jio app ,signed in , uninstalled and again installed the my Jio apk fro your link then followed the steps and hurray. Thanks a lot

  9. assalamualaikum dear memon i have activated my sim i got 2gb data and d same step i follwed given by when i open my jio account it sgow unlimited data but when i tap to my account in my jio i it shows the 2gb data and when i use my data and again tapping in my account i can see data is getting subtracted . i want to know after using that 2gb data can i be able to use unlimited pls rply

  10. Dude, if I bought this LYF phone tomorrow did 3 months data offer will be activated by reliance valid till October or as rumours were geo launching its network for all from 15th August, I made a mistake of buying LYF phone now? #help

  11. Do the sim tracks the imei number of the phone to which it is inserted first? I generator the barcode in my friends 4g phone, I got the sim now, can I activate it in my phone and get all the unlimited offers?or shud I change my imei to the one which generated the code(I have that imei) ???help..

    • JiO sim is linked with the account and it will track imei. So just activate the sim in the phone where u generated barcode. Then use those JiO account credentials and login in ur new device and then u can use jio there.

  12. Bhai I got d Barcode by registering in the jio site.. Today I will get my Sim. I hv redmi note 3. Sd I directly follow the steps u hv given?

  13. Sir i have a really important question…i have got the jio sim through my friends galaxy a7… The code was generated from his phone….. Once i activate the sim on his phone… And get the unlimited offer… Can i use that same sim and insert it on my meizu m3 note…. Will the offer work….i have that imei.. If needed…

    The sim is not activated till now… I bought it yesterday…

  14. i got the sim from shopkeeper without barcode. i have activated it and myjio app showing 2gb data 100 sms etc BUT i am not able to use a bit of it not even google opening.i am using sim in redmi note 3.using apn jionet and volte is also enable and also showing jio 4g signal . but when i turn data on and try to open website its not working.
    pls reply at the earliest.

  15. Hi,

    I followed the process. Now, when I open the MyJio App, it says unlimited calls and messages. But after each call it says 67 of 100 calls remaining. Is this normal?

  16. Sir I use coolpad not 3 lite I bought sim with jio mobile and when sim activated then I only use data in only my jio app & no use other my jio app no calling SMS are using what should I do .

  17. Sir I use sim in coolpad note 3 lite & I bought sim with lyf phone but I am note able to use internet.& only jio website are opening & only my jio app are opening sir plz help me for operating internet.

  18. Hey! Brother I followed the exact trick but I got 2GB data only, and when I tap on get sim option then only offer banner comes but there is no submit button. Help please

  19. Hello, i got my JIO sim activated tonight, i have successfully registered and called 1977 via jiojoin and activated calling and data services. I have created account and logged in MyJio, but i have only got 2GB data and 100Minuts and 100 SMS all valid for 90 days. I have then came to this blog and removed all apps and installed MyJio APK and followed all steps. On 16th step, you asked to turn On JIO data and go back, as i go back, app asks to update app. No other option except that. Manually i tried to go to sign in page, but as i switch on internet i am able to login but no POP UP for Unlimited data. I am using on OnePlus 2. Any idea how can i make it work ??

  20. Hie,

    I have exhausted my 2gb data few days back. And today i got to read this trick.

    Any chance that i can apply this trick using any other carrier’s internet like vodafone , airtel.

    If not than wat shld i do to activate unlimited.

    M using sim in my samsung galaxy S2 Tab. Its 4g supported. When called jio care they said this instrument dont support in our list of free preview

  21. Hi i used my lg g3 to get the code and buy the sim so should i activate the sim on the same mobile?
    Thanks in advance

  22. Hie. Thnx for info in pvs query.

    I have my cousin who bought lyf instrument.

    Can i trick it using his mobile.

    Like inserting mu jio sim in his mobile and than activating the offer.once offer starts in his lyf instru, i can insert dat sim back in my tab.

    Is there any chance that his original sim might get corrupted when putting it bck in his lyf instru back.

  23. Sir I got the sim when I sign up its asked mobile no and a otp is generated but I m not getting that otp bcz I m having LTE with out that otp I can’t sign sir plz tell me what to do????

  24. bro listen i have m5 plus volte enabled I get the sim it activated signed in myjio got 2gb of data but not able to use a single bit of it plzzz help not able to accesss it

  25. This is superb… I got my sim activated and also bypassed the 2 GB limit….
    Guys Memon is great…. just follow the steps, and you will achieve the unlimited data with voice and all the freebies… Thanks once again Memon…

  26. Hie. Do u have any whats app group. If yes can u plz share that number. So dat instant chatting can be done. If u dnt hve ant problem.


  27. Its really working bro..

    Thanks for this trick i tried so many others but your tricks working fine after 2 GB empty ..and get unlimited access..

    Thanks man once again ..!!!

  28. This guy is genius.

    My data was exhausted. Still i followed all his steps with other internet provider.

    And wallah.

    I am now free unlimited user.

    Thnx man

  29. Bhai loog.

    Mera 2gb complete ho gaya tha.

    Still mene saare steps follow kiye. Maine jio net ke badle tata wifi use kiya. Paar saare steps follow kiya.

    Or mujhe 3 months unlimited mil gaya….

    Thnx memon….

  30. Hi i tried calling 1977 to activate voice and data but i was not getting any response… So i tried the other number, which activates the data only, from my alternate mobile number i gave at the time of sim purchase .. And after some tries it was successful and i got the verification message… But when i enable the data on my lg g3 no internet data connection is showing.. Can u help me with this..
    Thanks in advance

  31. Hi i found out that therr is no apn set on my mobile even after the activation… So i tried an apn but after that the 4g keeps on coming and going more like blinking

  32. As soon as I click on get otp it is saying “we are unable to process your request please try after som time” again and again.

  33. Hi…sir meemo,i need your help.i have recieved my jio sim this evening and after inserting my sim in my lyf handset,i was able to use the 2gb data but now its exhausted.i thought i was suppose to get at least a 3 month unlimited data,but i didn’t and now i am not able to use data first i was shocked because a 30 day unlimted data was promised to me and i should be able to use it,but i was not able to,so in a state of panic and anger i called the customer service and they told me that the unlimited data plan or the 30 days unlimited data has already been activated using another imei .So what i want to ask you is that is there a way to change the imei number registered to my sim card or is there a faster way to get my 30 days data back?please reply sir…i will be very grateful for it..thanks in advance

  34. Hello bro …. I hv completed using 2Gb of data and then followed you steps on my lenovo k4 note.. But unlimited pop up is not showing at all … I have tried installing and reinstalling the apps again and again…. Need help

  35. Bro, i was unaware about activating the preview mode in Samsung and used all 2gb … Now i want unlimited calls n internet , how to get it activated without using jio sim’s internet ?

    • One of the reader used WiFi and tried this trick and he was successful. So u can also try using Wi-Fi internet and follow this trick to get unlimited access. Try it and do share the status!

  36. Hello
    I just generated a barcode in my Lenovo K5 note. I Wil be getting the SIM tomorrow. Please tell me can I use this sim in my iPhone 5s…? Andin which handset I should insert my sim card for first time..?
    Please reply… Thank you…

  37. Hi Memon,
    I bought a new LYF phone and i have got a JIO sim i have a redmi note 3 what should i do to get the 3 month free data offer Pls help.

  38. I generated code through my Redmi3 note…but the store keeper was not giving the Jio sim,then I send my screenshot of code to my friend having Samsung s7 by showing that code wil he get the sim? If he gets will it work on my Redmi3 note?

  39. Brother, you are just simply awesome. I was about to exhaust my 2gb and merely completed the steps and woah I nearly passed it when my data usage was nearly 1.98gb
    Btw, now can I uninstall the 10 jio apps? And I’m still afraid it would revert back to 2gb plan so there ain’t any risk right? Again thank you a ton man.. Kudos to you.

  40. Done just now, thanks author… But one device can be used only once?? Plz let me know. Cuz my friend has a Sim but no compitable phone.

  41. same mobile se 2 sim cards unlimited kar sakte he.

    1 sim unlimited ho gaya he mere..

    lekin ab second sim same mobile me insert karke unlimited nahi ho raha he..

    to ky koi solution he iska..?


  42. Hii if i take the sim from my friend’s note 4 i mean barcode is generated in note 4 then can i use it in my redmi note 3 or should it be activated in note 4 first then use it in mine?
    He is here only for one day and i need sim so will it work in my phone

  43. i have followed your procedure but when i click on get jio sim it takes me to the no internet screen and then i switch on the mobile data then click on ok and then back button it is not logging in into the account it is showing to update the app…

    • Same here bro. Same problem. Till step 15 it worked. When it was showing Jio sim option. When press back button after turning data, it is not automatically logging in, it is asking to update the app. Help

  44. i tired your method with my second sim with same mobile..

    but there is no option display after login..


    Tell me the truth ..


  45. After all process when I click to get jio sim and after turning jio net I does not get sign in.
    I says to update my jio app.
    what should i do?

  46. I’m trying to get unlimited internet. On the first attempt I reached till the last step. But after turning the Internet onn, no message popped up. When I tried giving another shot, a message came which says Busy parameter empty. Kindly help with this now.

  47. Additionally I’ve a Lyf phone. The unlimited plan is active on that. If I change the sun from Lyf phone to IPhone 6S plus, will it work?

  48. Hey i have generated Barcode and got jio sim through Samsung S6!
    Now if i put that sim directly in Redmi note3 will it work or not!?

  49. i found the solution of busy parameter empty.i faced this prblem in lenovo a7000 my jio app old version.i got this message again and again then i clear data the app and tried again and lastly i got succed in signup.then i found problem in sign in and i follow same process and got succed.then i found problem in get jio sim then app want to update but i click on sign in without any pop up.i sign in the app and their came the pop up and i got 3 months unlimited data.if u found such a problem then try again and again
    try put 0 before number for sign up then delete 0 and try again

  50. Sir, I have generated the barcode but I want to know that what should I say to the retailer if he ask which mobile I have?

  51. Bro mera tele verification complete ho geya hey. Mujhe 2GB deta mila hey,,, maine ghaltise my jio(old version 3.2.05) app uninstall na karke usmey sign up karliya,, isliye mujhe signin karne k bad ‘submit’ wala popup nahi mil raha hey.. to abb kaise unlimited 4G milega woo app plz bataiye..

  52. can jio company block our sim after few days.where i take the sim can block or comlaint against us to jio for taken fraud sim because they track on their pc which pc we are using

  53. Using redmi note 3…followed all the steps after the step in which you need to press get sim without net I net and l.. got no net connection
    But then I switched on the net and tried to go back wid back key. ….there’s no effect
    Not able there any other way
    Plz help

  54. i got non activated sim from my friends mobile shopee and my other freind have lyf phone but its imei number is regestered already can i use its phone for activation

  55. hi aasim i generate code frm my lenovo and got the sim.then i sign up and sign in and download all apps then just sign in and wait for a minute and got offer page

  56. Hiii…………. I have Redmi 1s phone which is a 3G phone . Now somehow I managed to get the barcode through that only . I got the sim. I successfully activated the sim . As am getting network in another phone when I inserted it in another 4G phone. Now I want to ask Could I use that sim in my 3G device.? As the registered ImEi is my 3g phone only. Plz let me have some trick to use that sim in my phone or some other device. Plzz advice.

  57. hi sir my 2 GB is already exhausted, now when i tried doing from jio data it didnt. So i did from Wifi and when i open my jio app and then open jio it shows update to new version. But somehow i opened without updating the app. But still im not getting submit option. Please help

  58. well this is my experience….first I didn’t generate code from my mobile (moto-x play). my code was generated from a Samsung mobile. and I managed one sim…by telling them stories.they gave jio,i felt very happy…
    later .my sim got activated…from here I got many problems…I already inserted my sim ….before the activation. I got 2gb data and 100 calls and 100 sms. I thought this is more for me… but later I saw this post how to bypass… I tried many times the process….it worked ….now I got the preview offer activated ..thank you soo much bro for helping…thank you again …
    note: Sims are not locked with the particular phone

  59. Bro it’s saying busi parameter is empty.. please reply. You are replying to every comment but didn’t on this error. Please reply man I m waiting eagerly

  60. I have moto g4 . I have brought the sim by generating code . Do I have to follow the trick to get 90 days unlimited data .

  61. When I sign up and enter my mobile number there is a notification that “busi parameters is empty” and there is no message about otp code so I am not able to sign up please suggest something for it.

  62. Actually I have one plus 3 and I got 2gb 4G from jiyo.on 11-8-2016…I tryed many tricks to get unlimited but I cant…. How I will get unlimited 4G…I also used your app and old app version BT it was not working…

  63. Hi sir
    I m using Coolpad note 3. I got Jio sim from one of my friend but when I inserted in my phone I received some msgs asking to download Jio join. I followed all but unable to make any call and use any data from Jio sim please help

  64. I just exhausted the 2gb data allowed for my jio sim. Now is there any way to skip to the unlimited preview offer without using jio internet?

  65. I signed up n while trying sign in the pop-up in screen shot is coming..or else the pop-up of update..I have followed your all step…till sign in now what to do

  66. You don’t need to Uninstall all the apps, I simply Uninstalled My Jio app old version, cleared data of all the application, than 1. Start data and open myjio 2. Stop data 3. Open myjio 4. Click on sign in and on data, 5. Sign in with your id and password, 6. There will be popup with 4 Apps installed and click on Submit and you are done, enjoy unlimited data and other services.
    Note: I got sim from code of samsung A5 activated sim on the same and than followed above step on RN3 and got unlimited data. All Jio apps were pre-installed using other Internet.

  67. Hi i follow all step step by step but i dont get the unlimited pop up massage nd when i sineup in olo version so its not log and when i click on get jio sim it will show me new bar code one’s again so plzz hlep me….

  68. I have a jio sim and used the 1.5 gb data and 100 call after that i saw ur trick and used it there is only saw get jio sim when i open it and open my internet(jio) so there saw me only black page there is any no option
    I think hope u understand my problem so..
    Plz… help me….

  69. Hi… I have jio Sim but unable to activate unlimited. I am facing error “Ups! Something went wrong” while logging in from old Apk…
    Pl suggest….

  70. Hey!
    I activated the Jio Sim in my LYF Handset and hav activated the 3 Month Preview Offer by Signing up in MyJio from that LYF Handset on 4th July!
    Now I am getting a Oneplus 3!
    If and How will I be able to continue that 3 month Jio Preview Offer in my Oneplus 3???
    Please Help Bro!!!

  71. Hi, I got a jio sim through Samsung j2 generated code and it has activated but no Internet and calls etc..when I insert a lyf mobile it is connected Internet and all calls and massage also please any suggestions and sorry for my English grammar

  72. I already activated jio sim , but I am given with only 2gb offer . I am not getting unlimited access. I tried the above given process twice but also I am not able to get it . The phone which I generated code and activated is different than the phone which I am trying to get unlimited access is it should be the same phone for that unlimited process . Please rply I waiting

  73. Hi
    I got a JIO sim from the shopkeeper along with a LYF phone and the sim hasn’t been activated yet.
    Can I use it in my xperia z5?
    And pls tell me how to do that.

  74. Man I will find you
    And buy you a beer

    I deleted myjio app and others after getting the code and before getting the sim cz I was quite convinced im not gonna get it without a compatible handset

    I updated my os to marshmello in between
    After I got the sim I installed myjio (old apk.. which was not responding even from different sources) and all other apps.
    Still myjio was always sort of crashing.
    Downloaded updated apk.. logged in
    Saw 2gb limit
    Came here

    I didnt follow the steps to the point

    Used the old apk instead of yout link


    Thanks man
    Appreciate it

  75. I am not able to open any of the Jio app except my jio,i activated unlimited plan in redmi3 note…any reasons for this?

  76. Bravooo activated ul on zuk z1.but If I use only single sim ie jio it works fine.when I insert another sim in slot 2 I do not get network on jio.I have uninstalled join jio.still no solution.

  77. While signing in through a new phone into myjio to continue the unlimited offer.
    Should We be using Wifi or Jio Net and also which myjio app?
    the one from playstore or the one whose link u hav mentioned above?

      • Hey Mr.Memon
        I apologise for the repetition!
        But can you please tell me :
        Do I need to download the MyJio app from the Link above or the one in Playstore wud also work?!
        And also U hav asked a lot of users to use Jio internet for it
        But I hav exhausted that 2GB limit!
        So would Signing in via Wifi create a Problem?!
        I had earlier asked u if I wud able to continue my unlimited offer on Onepus 3!
        And U had asked me to sign in via MyJio first before using Jio Sim!

  78. Hi Bro…

    I hv JIO sim with 2GB data.i am unable to convert it to unlimited. While i am going to sign In it show msg “up’s something went wrong”

    Pl suggest some solution.

    Thanks and Regards,


  79. Hey Mr.Memon
    I apologise for the repetition!
    But can you please tell me :
    Do I need to download the MyJio app from the Link above or the one in Playstore wud also work?!
    And also U hav asked a lot of users to use Jio internet for it
    But I hav exhausted that 2GB limit!
    So would Signing in via Wifi create a Problem?!
    I had earlier asked u if I wud able to continue my unlimited offer on Onepus 3!
    And U had asked me to sign in via MyJio first before using Jio Sim!

  80. Hi, I tried this trick and got unlimited access in my jio screen. but when I check my plan it still says partner preview offer and 2 gb limit. meanwhile I got a message from Jio – Urgent , Your Jio Number will stop working as the Unlimited Offer has not been activated. To continue using Jio services, kindly activate the Unlimited Offer by logging on to My Jio App. Click on Avail Offer & press Submit button. Please ignore if you have already followed the process. Thank you, Team Jio.

    I’m using RN3 handset. Code generated via this mobile and activated by calling cc.
    Please help to get unlimited access

  81. Hello ,
    In bypass trick you have given process for new Jio SIM users.
    What about already Signed up users (with sign in & password available) with 2GB data &100 mins offer,what are the steps to be followed to get unlimited offer.

    Thank you.

  82. Hi Memon,
    I have got one sim today from store, code generated through RN3, but want to use it in A7, as original code of A7 was already redeemed, they have taken my IMEI no. of A7 and entered in a register, will I be able to activate this SIM or they will be able to trace that code was not generated from Samsung.
    My queries are as infra:
    1. Can I activate this sim in A7 or they have taken IMEI no. for formality.
    2. SIM is in white cover, generally for Samsung they gave in orange color.
    3. Should I try to activate it on A7 only as I need that sim for that device only.

  83. I have a samsung s6 edge
    I downloaded myjio app from google play to generate the code as the people of reliance store told me but the get jio option did not appear in my app only
    I tried it a lot of times but still i could not generate the code
    What should i do now to acquire the jio sim?
    Thanks in advance

  84. Hello

    I have got my jio sim using your previous trick.

    Now i am aboutb to go ahead for 2gb bypass trick i want to know after performing this trick can i insert the sim in another android device and then i would get the unlimited data without following this procedure again?

  85. hi. i got one jio sim by buying a lyf phone, can i get another with the same lyf phone bill? will it work in other devices>?

  86. Thank you Husen for this wonderful inputs. The data is really good. However voice connectivity is not that upto the mark. Thanks once again for the procedure!

  87. hello memon i have yu yureka mobile i followed ur instructions but update pop up appear before login
    plz tel me wt should i do now

  88. i got a sealed pack Jio sim(i didn’t give any barcode) from a guy who fetched it from a store.
    now he told me to wait for a couple days, as i will receive activation sms on my other aircel number. and then i should dial198.
    then login to Jioapp.

    so,should i dial 198 now?or wait for a couple days?

  89. I got the sim and when I checked by my wifi net I got 2gb data but sim shows no network. What should I do, my handset is one plus one, please help

  90. I can seeasily unlimited Data, Unlimited Call and everything unlimited but I got a warning message that I have used my 1Gb data.
    What should I do?

  91. Sir i geted jio sim generate other samsung phone
    now jio sim not inserted and activeted
    sim is totally fresh
    cen i first time insart my s4 i9505 4g phone?
    and follow your trick stap by step

    my sim will activate and buypass 2gb limit

    plz.. replay

    sory my bed inglish

  92. I recently bought a LYF device and have successfully activated unlimited 4G data in that phone. Now if I use that sim in my Xperia Z3+ device then it shows ‘Sign up for 4G’ notification. If I sign in through MyJio app(in Xperia) using that LYF sim’s credential, it shows error like ‘something went wrong.’ Can’t I use LYF’s sim in any other device? Please reply.

  93. Sir…as i click on sign up…and enter my number …and i on my jio net…and click for the otp…a pop up appears like…BUSI PARAMETER IS EMPTY..what should i do now

  94. Memo sir…I took samsung A7 from a friend to get gio sim an I brought a new sim from store and I am having opportunity f1…the sim is still packed in the cover…and I did not got the msg on other alternative number for activation…the said that the sim will be activated by I don’t have that A7….so can I directly use the sim in opportunity f1.?
    Thank you!

  95. Thank u sir…and one more problem sir….i clicked on sign up process and completed the steps…but now m not able to sign in….sumthing went wrong…plx try again letter…and i checked my email and passward..both were correct….but still its showing…ur email and passward doesnot match…i tried the suggestion from ur abovementioned comment…but still…sir plxx…plxx..plxxx…help..

  96. Sir I have bought a jio sim via preview offer on mail. But the sim is not activated on my yu yunique now what should I do.? No network is showing here and no call for activation is coming now what to do?

  97. Hi after signing up. I followed all the steps. But I did not receive the pop up for unlimited data. And after that I tried again but now the update pop up appears

  98. I have bought LYF FLAME 6 on 11th july and got reliance jio sim with it. I have already activated that sim card in LYF phone and using internet from that. But I am not satisfied with speed from LYF phone so I want to use jio sim card in my phone (Lenovo vibe K4). How should I do that ? will this trick be useful or I should use any other trick ?

  99. Sir plz help… I hav signed up and also activated the link in gmail… But now when i sign up they show password dont match or oops something went wrong… Sir sholud i try from very first step.. Will i still be able to.. Plz say sir..

  100. Hii…. Maine bar code generate karke sim liya…
    Mera phone redmi prime 2 hai
    5 din ho gaye sim liye huye lekin Abhi tak sim activate hi nahi hua aur activation msg b nai ayaa he
    Toh kya karu AB???

  101. My intial 2 gb net exhausted, i couldnt activate unlimited net by following the above step, i tried dowloading all jio apps from wifi…. But no use, wat to do???

  102. Hello admin,
    I read all the procedure..please answer few of m questions which I think are necessary to know before doing anything.
    1) Is this trick still working?
    2) I already have one jio sim which i taken with lyf phone. If i want another should i proceed with that code method? ( I have lenovo a6000 plus)
    3) this is most imp : If the jio representative asked me about my lyf phone while taking sim then please tell me what should i say them. Please suggest me 😀 you know I can’t show them my lyf phone as I already taken one card.

  103. Bro I’m having a lenova vibe x3 …my friend has bought a 4 g sim through his Samsung mobile …can I use d sim on my mobile …I guess d ans z some wer …just to confirm ….

  104. Hey man, my 2Gb data have dried up before doing the trick for unlimited. Is there any way to bypass to unlimited without using the jio net (wifi or something)??

  105. Sir I am using lenovo a7000 mobile & I’m having trouble in my jio app
    I’m not received any OTP since yesterday but the app show that your OTP has been sent on your number
    So what should I do sir……

  106. Hey bro I just have the barcode now and i called reliance digital for getting sim. When I said that I havr the barcode, they just don’t know much about this. They just told me to bring my ltf phone and all documents. But you know that I already taken one sim from other store. So is it safe now to purchase another sim from other reliance digital store. Will they come to know that i already taken the sim?

    • Don’t purchase sim. It’s free. Just get one sim from your bar code only and not without barcode. Don’t worry about device as they just want tp see for formality or verification.

  107. Dear Sir,
    I lost My samsung a5 device before activating the sim (from which i generated coupon and received the sim), can i activate that sim in my xiaomi mi4i device and then bypass 2gb limit using the trick?
    Pls reply.

  108. I have activated the unlimited preview offer, but still i keep getting sms of my data usage saying i have used 1.8 GB of 2 GB on my no. Will the data services continue after i cross 2 GB?

  109. Hi..
    I have activated preview offer on my lenovo phone. As SIM is issued by samsung A5.. bt now data is deducting from that 2gb given by jio. And 100 call min also going down..
    But when i log in my jio account.. it show that preview offer is activated..
    What to do.?


  110. i have got unlimited data.
    but after calling from jiojoin app,it says 70min remaining,67min remaining and so on as i call more.

    so my 2 questions are:
    1:should i do something about these call minutes messages?i mean what if the whole offer gets exhausted after my 0min?

    2:i have the old version of myjio on my phone.(as it’s required for the trick)
    and now that i have activated unlimited data,can i update myjio app to the latest version?

  111. Hi Admin, I have got the sim and got it activated with 2GB plan… And now when I try to get unlimited option I facing 2 issues:

    1) At step no 8, when I try to sign up with my number I get error message stating “Jio ID already registered”

    2) After signing in with my mobile number I still see 2 GB plan.

    What do I do? Please help…

  112. Follows your steps diligently and it got through. Thanks a lot actually. The disturbing thing was the pop to update my jio was appearing. But like you your pop up came and after clicking submit now I have got 3 months free data calls and SMS. Hats off bro. Now let me enjoy this jio 4g for free for 3 months.

  113. i got the sim of jio but not yet activated,as after activation data is limited as 2gb so, please tell me how toextend it to unlimited data in any other android handset

  114. Sir i have a samsung glaxy j3 mobile. in this mobile there is no option to get jio sim when i installed my jio app. so tell me a way how can i get my jio code .

  115. I have a question..after downloading my jio app as shown in your post…we have to install app individually or else by clicking install all apps button??plz reply soon

  116. Hi, I’ve Generated BarCode On My Friend’s Mobile. He Is Having Samsung Galaxy J2, I Got The Sim, But Not Activated, Now I Wanna Use That Jio Sim On My Mobile, I’m Having Lenovo A6000 Plus, Its 4G Supported. I Heard About That Many People Are Using Jio Sim In Lenovo A6000 Plus, But I Don’t Know The Procedure, So Please Can Anyone Tell Me That Working Method To Use Jio Sim On My Lenovo A6000 Plus?

    Can I Activate The Jio Sim On My Mobile? Is It Possible? And How Can I Get Unlimited Data? Please Tell Full Procedure. Thanks Lot.

  117. Assalamolaikum Memon,
    First of all congrats for the great work u r doing by helping out people with this superb post. Kudos.
    My question is, I generated Jio code from my 3G phone & got the sim. Now I have to activate it & get unlimited offer which can only be done with a 4G phone. My friend has a Note 4 which I can use but the problem is that friend has already generated a code from his note 4, got his sim & already got unlimited offer on his sim from his note 4. I have activated my sim on my friend’s phone. Now how can I use his note 4 to get unlimited offer without causing any problem on my friend’s unlimited offer generated from that same note 4?? PLS HELP. URGENT!!!! Jazakallah.

  118. Bhai i got a jio sim today…but that barcode is generated from my didi’s mobile..
    But for some reason i want to use this sim in my LeEco mobile…. how i use unlimited data in my mobile? And is it possible to get unlimited data in my mobile?

  119. Hi I bro I had just got a jio Sim in my redmi note 3 by obtaining Barcode using myjio 3.2.05 apk I said shopkeeper that I had obtained from j7 will it work on my phone and one message came like this Dear Customer,
    Your Jio Number 7019160657 is now ready for tele-verification. To activate both voice & data services, dial 1977 from your Jio number. To activate data services only, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number. Kindly keep documents submitted for Jio connection ready for your reference. . . . . . still network not came 2 days over what to do

    • Yes, there system are not responding due to overwhelming response as they extended offer for many other devices. Even new sims are taking time to get activated. So keep retrying or try at late night or early morning.

  120. hello sir. first I will tell you how I got my sim. I have a redmi 3s prime. I used an older version of my jio app and generated the code by turning off the data and turning it on again trick. I generated the code on my redmi 3s prime. now I got the sim using that code. now will the sim get activated on my device? or do I need to change the iemi no. (remember that I generated the code on my redmi and not on any Samsung or any other supported device) thanks in advance.

  121. Its working i get unlimited access. Bro when im open my jio app it shows an update.. can i update my jio . After update if any problem about unlimited access??

  122. Bro my mobileis moto g3 i activated 1 sim unlimited data from your above methed but when i try to activate other jio sim from my friend mobile bar code, i successfully done the tele verification step from my moto g3 for 2nd sim but i use all tricks from last 3 days but not any submit pop up appear,plzz help me

  123. I got a jio sim by using j2……but i dont have that j2 from which i have generated the code… can i get unlimited offer directly from my other 4g phone….plzzz reply fast

  124. Hi Menon,

    Thanks i got the Jio sim using your trick.
    While sign up it shows no session I’d found in server.please see in this . attaching screen shot

  125. Hey Memon I have got my sim using your tricks. But I got only 2 GB data. Now I am trying to follow your tricks to get unlimited but they are forcing to update the app. What should I do now ?

  126. Hey bro in my jio app 3.2.05 it is showing unlimited data and etc but message came like thisDear Customer,
    You have used 1.81 GB of your 2 GB from Mobile Data pack on your Jio Number 7019160657 as of 06:55 PM Aug 28, 2016.
    To manage your account with MyJio app, click
    Thank you,
    So what to do, shall I want to sign in in. Latest my jio app please reply soon bro

  127. Hi Menon

    I got two GB data but while I use the final step only for a microsecond logging message is shown but I am not logged in.i kept data off while pressing get sim button and after pressing I turned data on.s should I repeat it over and over

  128. Hey bro in my jio app 3.2.05 it is showing unlimited data and etc but message came like thisDear Customer,
    You have used 1.81 GB of your 2 GB from Mobile Data pack on your Jio Number 7019160657 as of 06:55 PM Aug 28, 2016.
    To manage your account with MyJio app, click
    Thank you,
    So what to do, shall I want to sign in in. Latest my jio app please reply soon bro

  129. I have done all the tricks and successfully got unlimited access but after that everytime i open the my jio app it asks to update the app what should i do at the case plz reply

  130. I did all d steps but after coming back at the last step the update pop-up appears immediately before logging in …what to do ?

  131. i have only microsoft os mobiles using jiofi….how to convert to unlimited? cant access any apps……i use it internet on laptop

  132. hello sir, i have a question please clear it, if i generate barcode from my lenovoa7000 with some hack tricks.then i got 2gb limited internet offer or free 3 month unlimited offer ???????????????. please clear

  133. Im getting prblem with msg “no sessionid found on server” i did without internet i turned on internet only after reaching in sign up page pls suggest what to do now…

  134. Sir,
    I have activated my jio sim. I can make calls in jio join app .but when I turned on my mobile data it shows “sign into network” what can I do. I cannot use the mobile data plz help

  135. Bro m already activate my jio sim .
    but bro signup nhi ho rha h otp successfully sent bta rha h but mobile pe otp recive nhi ho rha kya kru br

  136. after clicking get jio sim no internet screen occurs i turned on my data ..and when i click back button it shows update screen…pls help

  137. Even my 2gb plan internet is not connecting, whenever I try to visit a site or download an app, it leads to a page saying my plan is exhausted. Due to this , I’m not able to download all the apps with jio 4g
    Please help

  138. sir how to stop data usage message of class 0 message it popping up in every 5 sec and its very irritating my data is on but still i am receveving class 0 message like a flash message how to stop it please reply

  139. Sir, Mera sim actived ho gya hai and ulimated or limited hai wo kese pata chalega mujhe.
    MyJio app me kuch dikhta nhi hai( Data, Voice call and SMS me blank ata hai) but My Plans me(2 GB Data, 100 Minutes, 100 SMS me, 98 out of 100 Minutes dikhata hai)
    And use karte hai wese substraced hota hai. so Suggestion plz
    my data,call and sms is unlimited or not?
    Sub step follow kiye hai…………..
    koi symbol dijie jise identify ho jaye k unlimited ho gya hai…………..

  140. After exhausting 2 gb of jio data . Under Plan menu it shows 0kb left but net is working..with very slow speed what to do to increase speed?

  141. If i may add a suggestion a youtube video along with commentary that explain steps would have really helped everyone and made the process easier to understand

  142. Hi sir, can we uninstall the other jio apps once we get unlimited offer… Will this cause any problem.. bcoz it is consuming a lot of phone memory

  143. Hi,

    Tried ur trick but while trying to generate otp (ie step 7) during the signup process getting a message saying”JioID already activated”
    After uninstalling MyJio & all other Jio apps I had rebooted the fone & cleared the cache but am still getting this msg.

    Pls suggest a way out.


  144. 5.Now open My Jio app and you will see Open option beside My Jio app option. Just click Open.
    Note: Follow the above step without Turning on your internet.
    6.Now it will say you No internet connection but don’t worry, just click on Signup option.

    I have followed all step until here correctly.
    After this I’m getting an error that ” We are unable to process your request at this moment, Please try again.”

  145. 5.Now open My Jio app and you will see Open option beside My Jio app option. Just click Open.
    Note: Follow the above step without Turning on your internet.
    6.Now it will say you No internet connection but don’t worry, just click on Signup option.

    Have followed step correctly until here. Then I’m getting error “we are unable to process your request”
    Plz help me

  146. Hi
    In step 6 during the signing up process I’m getting a msg ‘Jio ID already activated ‘
    I’ve tried writing my number as +91xxxxxxxxxx to get the otp but to no avail.

    After I have uninstalled all Jio apps I’ve rebooted my phone and cleared all app data from cache but I continue to face this problem. Pls suggest a way out.

  147. In My plan its shows two plan 1.Jio Preview offer Partner-(Prepaid FRC) in this plan i got 2 gb and 100 Min Local Calls, and 2. Jio Preview offer Partner-(Prepaid Plan) , so I got Unlimited Data or Not??

  148. Found a quick way to get unlimited net.. I had exhausted 90% of 2g data.. And I tried the above trick but I was getting an error while generating otp and it didn’t work.. So I had the old apk of my jio so I updated to a newer version.. And opened it and I generated the bar code on my phone ( I gave my friends bar code while taking the sim and I had never generated the code before on my phone) and next the preview offer was activated successfully..

  149. Hello administration, I spent lot of time on your blog used all the ways here described by you and in comments,
    But my jio data still not resumed as I exhausted all my data i.e 2GB yesterday.
    I try all the ways and I am getting that submit banner.
    But I am getting it again and again
    I hv tried it on WiFi and in some case it worked on jio data. While it is exhausted

    Please help room.

  150. hi memon husen…i try ur way to bypass my 2 gb limit…i download the apk and follow ur instructions…bt atlast i dnt get any pop showing submit option….pls help me…i am using jiofi pocket wifi

  151. I followed ur steps. Got the get free sim option. But my net isn’t working after i unsinstalled the jio app installed before installimg ur version. The jio join option was showing offline. So i uninstalled all the apps again and installed it using ur apk. But now ony my jio app shows. The jio join which used to show online/offline status doesn’t show anymore. Pls help

  152. I tried all the things, in the end I succeed with updated app . And jio net active even it was exhausted.
    Ya my apps were already downloaded with WiFi jionet for login
    There is a check
    I haven’t get verification mail before . After getting it 3 days of activation, I verified my I’d and try login .
    It succeed

  153. My friend,
    When I signed up they sent a activation mail to my mail id..but I havent received it yet to activate my jio id
    My 2gb data is exhausted.. how to get unlimited access

    Expecting your reply