Here is one more Google Tez App Offer and this time it’s little big loot. Rent with Tez to get cashback upto Rs 5000. When you pay someone or rent using Tez then you will get a Google Tez Scratch Cad using which you can win upto Rs 5000. Well, there are few important steps you need to follow in order to avail this offer or trick. Continue reading…

RentWithTez Offer

Quick Overview of the Offer or Trick

  • Offer: Rent Using Tez to Earn a Scratch Card of amount upto Rs 5000
  • Minimum Amount to Send: Rs 5000
  • Maximum Amount you can Win: Rs 5000
  • Offer Validity: February to March 2018
  • Limitation: You can earn such scratch card once per month.
  • Trick: Just send money to your friends or to your own bank account and avail this offer.


Steps to avail #RentWithTez Offer

Step 1: First of all, Update or Download Google Tez App by Clicking the Download Button below:

   Download Tez App

BONUS: If you are a new user at Tez and if you Download Tez from above download link then you will get Rs 51 Free Directly in your Bank account after your first Transaction on Tez. 😘

Step 2: Install and Open the App and Select your Preferred Language. And then Enter your Mobile Number.

Note: Make sure, the mobile number you enter must be linked to your Bank account and must be inserted in the same phone in which you have installed Tez App.

Step 3: Now Verify your Mobile Number through OTP. Then select your Email address and Proceed ahead and Set Security PIN for App or use Fingerprint Security if your phone supports.

Step 4: Your Google Tez account is ready. You can now start availing Google Tez App Offers.

Before proceeding ahead for this Tez Scratch Card Trick, let’s first add your Bank account in Tez app through UPI to Receive and Send Payments.

Step 5: Just click on 3 Verticle Dots present on the top right corner in Tez app and select Settings.

Step 6: Click on Bank Accounts and Add your Bank account linked to your registered Tez Mobile Number.

Step 7: Verify and complete adding the bank account. Now we are ready to avail #rentwithtez Offer.

Optional Bonus Step: Just Click on Menu>>Referral Code. If you see any referral code already applied then ignore this step. Otherwise, Apply Referral Code as 769k0 (This is the Part of Tez Refer and Earn Offer)

Step 8: Now just select New and select your friend’s contact to make payment or you can even Pay to your own Bank account or alternate contact.

Step 9: Enter amount as Rs 5000 or above and in the description, you must have to include #rentwithtez.

NOTE: To avail RentWithTez Offer, you must have to include #rentwithtez tag under description. If you don’t then you won’t get this offer scratch card.#RentWithTez Offer Steps

Step 10: Click on Proceed to pay and complete the send money transaction using your Bank UPI.

Step 11: That’s it. You are now rewarded with #RentWithTez Offer Scratch Card which can include an amount up to Rs 5000. Just open Tez app and click on Rewards and tap the Scratch Card you received. Scratch it to reveal the Reward amount you won!!#RentWithTez Scratch Card Proof

Here is the Proof of the Amount I won through this offer or trick:RentWithTez Reward Proof

The amount you win will be directly credited to your bank account.

Now if you have sent the money to your friend then ask him to send you back so this way you get back your initial investment and also enjoyed the offer benefits! 😉

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Terms and Conditions

class="mks_toggle_heading">RentWithTez Offer Terms and Conditions

  • You must successfully pay your February 2018 and March 2018 rent with Tez in the amount of ₹5,000 (Five thousand rupees) or more. You must include #rentwithtez in the payment description.
  • Your #rentwithtez transaction can be to another Tez user or using the Pay-to-Bank-Account transaction from Tez.
  • You can only earn one reward per calendar month. For each reward that you earn, you are eligible to earn a scratch card worth up to ₹5,000 (Five thousand rupees). As a special bonus, if you earn a rent scratch card for each of the months in February and March, you may be eligible to win 100% cash back equal to the entire amount of your February rent, up to a maximum of Indian Rupees One Lakh (INR 100,000).
  • If you win a prize, your prize money will be deposited into your bank account. As such, you must have UPI-enabled savings account attached to your Tez account to receive payment from Google. Please make sure that you link your UPI-enabled savings account to your Tez account within 45 days of claiming the reward, failing which the reward will be deemed to be forfeited.
  • This offer is not available to residents of the state of Tamil Nadu (as per Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act 1979) and wherever else prohibited by Law. Residents of these states should not participate in this offer.

Hope you liked and enjoy the Trick or Offer. Do you mind sharing it with your friends? 🙂 Thank you!