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(Loot) SharkID App Refer Once, Earn Forever: Earn Upto Rs 25000 Paytm Cash (Rs 7/Refer)!! – Hello Folks, SharkID App is back with Refer and Earn Offer and this time its Huge unlike last time 20 Friends Rs 251 Earning Limit. It’s new offer named Refer Once, Earn Forever is really something unique and big. You earn Rs 7 per Refer each time you or any of your friends in the network refers friends. Isn’t it huge and good news? You will receive the full amount as Free Paytm Cash in your Paytm Wallet!! So let’s Start Looting!!

Update: Sharkid is instantly sending Paytm Cash for each referral by you and your network. So refer and ask your friend to refer more friends. Proof added below.

Just Refer 15 Friends and you can Earn Rs 25,000 Paytm Cash Easily. Grow your Network and Earn More!

About this SharkID Offer

Sharkid Refer Once Earn Forever Offer

Offer Validity: 22nd June 2018 to 21st June 2019

You earn Rs 7 Paytm Cash Every time you or your network member refers a friend.

  • You earn, when you refer
  • You earn, when your Friend refers
  • You earn, when your Friend’s Friend refers

Exciting right. 3X Earnings.

NOTE: There are certain rules which you need to obey and fulfill in order to avail and participate in this offer. So read them below before you start.

Steps to Get Free Paytm Cash from SharkID App

1. First of All, Download SharkID App from below given button:

   Download SharkID App

2. Install & Open the app and accept terms and conditions.

3. Now enter your Mobile number and Verify it via OTP & Claim your SharkID (preferably your name)

4. (Important) Create your Personal Card – Add profile picture, Mobile number, Email.

5. Explore your new auto-updating phone-book – SharkID.

6. Now Let’s start with Refer Once, Earn Forever Offer.

7. Click on Menu >> Offers / Deals

8. Select the Refer Once, Earn Forever Offer.

9. Read the instructions and click on Participate button.

10. Now go back to the Menu and click on Invite Friends.

11. Copy your Sharkid Referral Link and Start Referring Friends.

12. Invite at least 3 friends to avail this offer. Also, ask your friends to refer their friends and this way, make your network broad to increase the earnings.

13. This offer is valid for a year. You need to invite at least 1 friends every next month in order to take the full offer benefits and earn Rs 25000+ Paytm Cash.

How to Track your Referral Statistics?

So once you start referring or inviting friends, you can check the referrals count or network statistics very easily. Just follow the given steps.

  1. Open Sharkid App.
  2. Click Menu >> Offers / Deals.
  3. Select Refer Once, Earn Forever Offer.
  4. At the bottom bar, select Status option.
  5. There you can see the Referral Statistic Table. Keep track on it and refer more and more friends.

You can also check your Network by going to Menu and Clicking on My Network Option.

How to Redeem SharkID Offer Rewards?

Just follow the steps below to Redeem your Referral Earning for Paytm Cash. There is no minimum amount required to redeem. You can even Redeem Rs 7.

  1. Open Sharkid App.
  2. Click Menu >> Offers / Deals.
  3. Select Refer Once, Earn Forever Offer.
  4. At the bottom bar, select Status option.
  5. There you see your Referral and Network Statistics. If you have referred friends and the payment is showing as Pending then you can instantly redeem to Paytm cash.
  6. Just click the Redeem Button present at the bottom bar.Sharkid Paytm Cash Loot
  7. You will instantly receive the Pending Amount in your Paytm Wallet directly.Sharkid Paytm Cash Redeem
  8. Follow the same steps everytime you have pending payment.

About Sharkid App

SharkID is a free smart phone-book app available for iOS as well as android smartphones. Switch from your native phone-book to a smarter real time phone-book, SharkID to auto update your contacts, create and share business cards, brand dialing, connect to people around you and a lot more.

Important Details

You earn Rs 7 everytime your network refers. For example:

If you, your friends & their friends refer 3 friends each, your network would add 39 referrals as shown below.

Who Refers Average Referrals per user Total Referrals
You 3 3
Your 3 Friends 3 9
Your 9 Friend of Friends 3 27
Total Referral 39


At average earning of Rs 7/referral, you will earn Rs. 273. Yes, you get paid for every referral made by your network.

Refer 15 Friends in a year & earn Rs 25,305:

In this offer we expect a new user to refer 15 friends in 1 year period. 3 friend in first month & 1 Friend every month thereafter. Old users who have referred 3 friends in past have to refer just 1 friend/month. Easy, right?
If you, your friends & their friends refer 15 friends each, your network would refer 3615 users as shown below.

Who Refers Avgerage Refers per user Total Referrals
You 15 15
Your 15 Friends 15 225
Your 225 Friend of Friends 15 3375
Total Referral 3615


At rate of Rs.7/Referral, your total earning will be (3615 referrals * Rs.7 = Rs. 25,305). Since you had only referred 15 Friends, your average earnings will be Rs.25,305 / 15 referrals = Rs. 1687/referral. Highest money/referral in the World.

3 Important Rules you need to keep in mind

1.  You need to refer minimum 3 Friends if you want to earn referral benefits of your network.
2. From the second month, you need to refer 1 new friend/month
3. Use SharkID daily, payment can be redeemed within 48 hours.

SharkID App Paytm Cash Proof

Here is the latest proof of Paytm Cash from this Offer.

Sharkid Paytm Cash Proof

Here Paytm Cash Proof of Last Refer and Earn offer of SharkID App. Offer was to refer 20 friends and Get Rs 251 Paytm Cash & we got the reward in few days. Here is the Proof!!

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I need jio chat unlimited trick bro


refereed 26 friends but no redeem tab . also after 26 it is showing no internet connection.


Do they all 20 people have to install the app and do the same so that we can the get the cash? The last time I checked I got nothing. Please do not share incomplete information or fake information.

Husen Memon

If you think this is incomplete information then I think you dont know what does a refer friend means?

You just have to refer 20 friends to Install the App and Register. The referral will be counted instantly!


Bro any unlimited tricks u have tell me some suggestion