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(Proof) StreetBees App Loot: Get Rs 50 on Signup + Rs 50/Refer + Transfer to Bank!

Presenting one of the biggest loot of the time. Let’s enjoy $$$. StreetBees App Loot! Here we are back with one more easy trick to get Rs.50 on Signup and Rs.50 per refer. You can redeem this money in your PayPal and then transfer to your bank easily from PayPal. The app name is StreetBees and its cool app to earn unlimited real cash sitting home by just completing few tasks like surveys, offers, etc. So let’s start!

Trick Contents

StreetBees App Loot: Get Rs.50 on Singup + Rs.50/Refer + Transfer to Bank
StreetBees App

Update 2: If you don’t have PayPal account then you can also redeem your StreetBees Earnings for free recharge. To redeem for free recharge, go to your profile and update the mobile number where you want to recharge and remove your email from your profile!

Update: We have received Payment in PayPal and regularly receiving it. The app is genuine and really paying Rs.50 on completing the survey and Rs.50 per Refer! The proof is Added below. Do try if you haven’t tried the app yet! 

About StreetBees App

Streetbees™ is the app that pays you cash on the fly! Download the app and get connected with paid tasks from the brands you use every day. Take a photo of your kitchen cupboard, tell us how you choose your afternoon snacks or check the price of a chocolate bar in your local grocer. That’s it! Send your answers and earn cash instantly while shaping the future of your favourite products and places.

Stunning Best Loots:

Steps to Get Rs 50 Signup Bonus from StreetBees App

1. Download StreetBees App from Playstore: Click Here

   Download StreetBees

2. Install, open the app and click on SIGNUP button.

3. Select your Country and enter your mobile number.

4. Enter your new password and proceed ahead and verify your mobile number.

5. (Important) Now it will ask you to enter a referral code. It is compulsory to enter the referral code given here: 8758WE

6. Now finish the signup, hurray you are just one step back to get Rs 50.

7. Just on Dashboard in All Tasks tab, you will see the available tasks. They will pay you the high amount on completing small tasks.

8. Just start completing them. New Latest available tasks are added below. Have a look at them.

Per survey task, you will earn more than Rs 50. We have earned many times by completing surveys.

New Survey Tasks in StreetBees App

Here is the info about the latest available survey and other tasks in Streetbees app. Please note that we will update this space regularly for the latest tasks so keep checking this space.

Last Updated: 31st Oct 2017

#Live Survey Tasks:

  1. Laundry time (Live)
  2. Driving Habits (Rs 50 Reward) (Expired)
  3. Transport (Rs 50 Reward) (Expired)
  4. Recreation Time (Rs 50 Reward) (Expired)
  5. Beverages (Rs 50 Reward) (Expired)
  6. How do you spend Money? (Rs 50 Reward) (Expired)
  7. School Meals (Rs 50 Reward) (Expired)
  8. Life Abroad (Rs 50 Reward) (Expired)
  • Select any task to complete it. Tasks are really very small which you have to complete in order to claim Rs.50. It will take hardly 5 minutes.
  • So just click on that task and start the task of the survey. You just have to give few Multiple choice question’s answers and it’s very easy and it takes few minutes only.
  • Finish the survey and submit it.
  • After verification Rs 50 will be sent to your PayPal account associated with your given email.
  • Now refer and earn more.


StreetBees App Refer and Earn

  1. Go to My Profile Tab and there you will see your referral code.
  2. Copy your referral code viral it among your friends.
  3. Once they join using your code and complete one task, you get Rs.50 per refer!
  4. So refer and earn more!

How to Redeem Streetbees Earnings?

PayPal/Bank Transfer: You don’t have to manually redeem your earnings. They will automatically credit your earnings in your given PayPal account within 24 hours. From PayPal, you can easily transfer earnings to the bank!

Free Recharge: You can also redeem for Free Recharge. Yes, just add your mobile number in profile section and remove the PayPal email and save the profile. Then you will automatically get your earnings in the form of free mobile recharge on your primary mobile number.

If you don’t have PayPal account yet then for temporary purpose use any of your friend’s PayPal account!😉

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Proof of StreetBees App Loot

(Proof) StreetBees App Loot: Get Rs.50 on Singup + Rs.50/Refer + Transfer to Bank

Free Recharge & Bank Transfer

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  1. i signed up with all genuine information…. also entered you reference code… i did not get any task…. and not even received any sign up amount in my paypal account…

  2. Fake…. No money received.. Plz avoid these app for ur referral benefits…. Its not good for ur goodwill of ur website

    • This app is totally genuine and we are using it from last 6 months. You will receive payments after your Survey is verified and it may take around 2-3 days to process you payment directly in PayPal.
      Still if you doubt then just check the proof added in the Article.

    • Its not Fake. Under Archive section you see your completed task and their verification status. You earnings will be automatically credited to the Paypal account after task verification is approved.

  3. Hi , its app asking for detrmine locaition ,but i already activated and my locaition is on .but app asking for location .
    Help me 🙂


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