OnePlus Contest Trick

(Looto) Trick to Get Unlimited Rs 2000 Amazon Gift Vouchers from OnePlus Contest!

Few days back we posted about OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest in which you can win Rs 1 Crore, OnePlus 3T Smartphone and Amazon Gift Vouchers!! So today we are back with OnePlus Contest Unlimited Trick to get Unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers of Rs 500, Rs 1000 & Rs 2000.

Yes, in last Prize Sale, lots of our readers looted lots of Rs 500 Amazon Gift Vouchers. So here we will be posting unlimited trick to loot unlimited amazon gift vouchers from OnePlus Contest. Let’s start now!!

Trick Contents

OnePlus Lucky Draw Ticket Trick

Important Update: Today was the Last day of Amazon Vouchers Redemption in which lots of Readers Claimed many Vouchers but few weren’t successful to grab any. So we are adding a Trick to Get Unlimited Lucky Draw Tickets using which you can win Rs 1 Crore and OnePlus 3T Smartphone!!

Update: On Readers Request, Added Video Tutorial to Know How to Complete Task 4 in OnePlus Contest. 

Note: OnePlus Lucky Draw Tickets are Limited and Claim time is also Limited so claim fast!!

Claim Lucky Draw Ticket for 1200 Points. Lucky Draw Ticket Can win you OnePlus 3T Smartphone (worth Rs 35,000) and Rs 1 Crore. More tickets you have, more chances for you to Win Rs 1 Crore and OnePlus 3T!! So create new accounts, follow given below trick and collect 1200 Points & Claim unlimited Lucky Draw Tickets!! 😍

Per Account you will get one Lucky Draw Ticket, so to Get unlimited Lucky Draw Tickets you need more and more oneplus accounts. So just follow the given trick to create unlimited OnePlus Contest accounts and Loot Unlimited Lucky Draw Ticket!! which can win you Rs 1 Crore and OnePlus 3T Smartphone.

Its Time To Try Out Your Luck 😉

Trick to Get Unlimited Lucky Draw Tickets from OnePlus Contest

Tip: If you already participated in this Contest, then again participate by creating new account to get more and more Lucky Draw Tickets. Read the trick here:

1. Click the below Button and visit the OnePlus Contest Page:

   OnePlus Contest Page

2. Now click on Enter Now button.

3. You will be taken to Tasks page. Just select any Task and click on Enter Now button.

4. Then you will be taken to Login page. Just login using New Facebook or Google Account. (Make sure you haven’t used that account before in OnePlus Contest)

5. Now again you will be taken to the Tasks page, there just finish the Task shown.

For completing Each task you will get 200 Points. Links of all the tasks are given below, just click on them and complete each tasks to Get Lucky Draw Tickets.

For completing each tasks you will get 200 Points. Complete all the 6 tasks and collect 1200 Points in Just 2 minutes using this trick!

#Task 1: Spread the Love

Task Link:    Task 1 Link

Just Connect your Facebook or Twitter account and then Share on Facebook or Twitter. You will get 200 Points.

#Task 2: Meet The OnePlus 3T

Task Link:    Task 2 Link

You will be given with few images, just select the image having OnePlus 3T Smartphone in it. You will get 200 Points for it.OnePlus Task 2

#Task 3: Dash Charge

Task Link:    Task 3 Link

Just watch the Dash Charge Video and then answer one Simple Question regarding Dash Charging. You will get 200 Points for it.

#Task 4: Light, Camera, Action

Task Link:    Task 4 Link

Just arrange 4 images to make one meaningful image. Watch video tutorial given below to complete this task easily.

#Task 5: Core Value

Task Link:    Task 5 Link

Task 5 is Live now. Just arrange the Words as NEVER SETTLE and get 200 points.

#Task 6: The Final Countdown

Live Now!! Just answer a simple question “What would you do if you win Rs 1 Crore?

Very simple!! Just complete this task and get 200 Extra points!!

Task Link:    Task 6 Link

6. Once you complete each tasks, you will get 1200 Points. You can use these points to claim one Lucky Draw Ticket. Just scroll below to know how to redeem.

7. Now to Get Unlimited Lucky Draw Tickets, just follow this steps again and again and create new account on OnePlus Contest using given above contest link and then complete tasks and collect points in that account. Now read below to know how to redeem points and claim OnePlus Lucky Draw Ticket!! 😉


  • If you are Creating Mutiple accounts in Same device then Change the IP Address after creating each new account. IP Address can be changed by Turning OFF Mobile Internet Data and Turning ON again.
  • (Important) Must use the Given Signup Link only while creating new accounts. Here is the Signup link – OnePlus Signup Link

Lucky Draw Winner Prizes

Winners will be announced on 26th April!! Who knows, you might get lucky, So wishing you Best of Luck!

  • 10 Lucky Winners win Golden Tickets.
  • From those 10 Winners, 5 Lucky Winners will be selected for the Final Round.
  • One Lucky Person will get Rs 1 Crore.
  • Finalist will win OnePlus 3T Smartphone and Also get Chance to meet Big B!!

How to Redeem Points for Lucky Draw Tickets

1200 Points = One Lucky Draw Ticket

1. Just visit the OnePlus Lucky Draw Prize Shop Here:

   Lucky Draw Ticket

2. Now click on Claim Now button.OnePlus Lucky Draw Ticket

3. Yippee, you will get your OnePlus Lucky Draw Ticket on the Spot.

Similarly, redeem your points for Lucky Draw Tickets from all your multiple oneplus contest accounts!! 😉

Here is Amazon Voucher & OnePlus Lucky Draw Ticket Redeem Proof of Last Wednesday:

OnePlus Amazon Gift Vouchers Proof

OnePlus Lucky Draw Ticket Proof

OnePlus Lucky Draw Details

  • You can grab one OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest Rs 1 Crore Lucky Draw Ticket by collecting 1200 Points in the Contest Period & Redeeming it for the Lucky Draw Ticket.
  • You can also collect more such tickets by Buying OnePlus 3T from official channels including, and OnePlus Experience Store and winning a Dash Pass to the lucky draw for the Grand Finale.
  • More the tickets you have, the more chances for you to win.
  • In the Lucky Draw, 10 Winners will be Selected.
  • Winners of the lucky draw will then be inducted into the final round, details of which will be shared at a later stage. 5 of these winners will get a golden ticket and meet Amitabh Bachchan for a chance to win Rs 1 crore cash prize.
  • The other finalists will win the OnePlus 3T.

Tricks to Claim Amazon Vouchers in Flash Sale (OVER)

  • Try using Laptop or Computer when Claiming Amazon Vouchers in Flash Sale!
  • Use Google Chrome latest Version for Better Results.
  • If you are claiming through Phone then make sure you use Latest Internet Browser like Google Chrome.
  • Open Redemption Page in 2 Different Tabs, in one tab refresh the page sharp at 12:00 and leave the other tab as it is and check for Claim Now button. If it becomes Clickable then Instantly Click on it and Claim your Amazon Vouchers!!
  • Use more devices to claim if you have more accounts! 😉

(OVER) How to Successfully Claim Amazon Vouchers on Prize Sale Day?

Here is tip and trick to successfully get Amazon Vouchers from OnePlus Contest on Prize Sale day.

If you have more than one account then Open all the accounts in Different browsers like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Broswer, Mozila Firefox, etc and also make use of their Incognito Tabs.

Be ready with all accounts before 5 minutes of Sale time and sharp at 12:00 Noon refresh the Prize Redemption page and click on Claim button.

This way you will be successfully able to claim amazon vouchers in most of the accounts. Also no need to search for Script to Claim amazon vouchers in OnePlus Contest. Just follow these tips!!

How to Complete Task 4 (Video Tutorial)?

Lots of Readers were facing issue in completing Task 4 i.e, Light, Action & Camera. Therefore on High Demand, we are here with our own Video Tutorial to Easily Complete Task 4 (Light, Camera, Action)

Just watch the Video given below & Complete Task 4 in OnePlus very Easily.

Unlimited Trick Results: On 5th April, Lots of Readers followed this unlimited trick and grabbed lots of Vouchers, check the comments below and here is the screenshot of the Comments from our TrickyTime Readers who looted around Rs 24000 Vouchers 😯😍😘

OnePlus Vouchers Loot Proof

Here is the Screenshot of the Person who Claimed 12 Amazon Vouchers using Unlimited Trick:

OnePlus Content Unlimited Trick Results

So Follow the given above unlimited trick for the next Voucher Prize Shop on 12th April (Wednesday)…!!

Hope you loot and grab lots of Amazon Gift Vouchers from OnePlus Contest. Do share this trick with your friends and also help them loot this!! 🙂

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  1. bro!!!
    plz help us
    i complete the all tasks but when i reedem the prize they are showing out of stock
    what is the???
    and when what can i do????
    kiya yeah har din deta hai ya sirf wednesday koi deta hai????

    • 12th April was the last day to redeem Amazon Vouchers. Now you can redeem 1200 Points for Lucky Draw tickets using which you can win Rs 1 Crore and OnePlus 3T Smartphone!!

  2. i got amazon-2000 gift card. Thanku admin i really appreciate your work.
    I read that post yesterday as i am subscribed to your whatsapp chhanel.
    Thanks agian.

    Card is working and added to my amazon accunt.
    now gonna for shopping. thanks again

  3. Today i am sitting near the mobile from 11am and try to reeden rs-2000 amazon voucher.when i click claim now buttom i automatically loged out and when i log in in 12:02PM it shows me nothing Rs-2000 gift card lift and 1000 also but Rs-500 1346 gift cards available when i press clim now bottom nothing happen and they tell me server is busy.I never a single number of gift card.Totally waste of time and confident. Hate this kind of fake contest.

    • Today there was huge as it was last day for vouchers redemption. Still lots of people got good number of vouchers. If you didnt got any then grab Lucky Draw Ticket which can win you OnePlus 3T and Rs 1 Crore from Big B!!

  4. wtf… its FAKE FAKE FAKE.. not working… i didnt get any Amazon Gift Card by claming my 1200 points.
    all the time showing error “Sorry, this type of Amazon Gift Cards are out of stock.”
    i am trying @11:59am continuosly

    • Today there was huge as it was last day for vouchers redemption. Still lots of people got good number of vouchers. If you didnt got any then grab Lucky Draw Ticket which can win you OnePlus 3T and Rs 1 Crore from Big B!!

  5. Iam using pc chrom. Is it a auto claim at sharp 12 pm. I mean when i logged in to site @ 11.59 redeem button will automatically available. Also what is the procedure for android default browser. How to know which is the default browser in my phone. I think chrome is my default. I also have mozillaa. Which one is good. which one have auto claim . Also what about PC chrome users auto claim or not. How to know which is the default browser in my phone. I think chrome is my default. I also have mozillaa. Which one is good. which one have auto claim . Also what about PC chrome users auto claim or not

  6. I got a total of 2500 rs till now.ready for the next sale..
    Memon husen- bro I think you worked for coolztricks blog earlier why you left?

    • Wow!! Congrats and Hope you get more in next sale. Do share this trick with your friends.

      There’s no specific reason in leaving that site. I wanted to Work on my Site and I am Happy here and having my own Readers. 🙂

  7. Bhai mere pass pehle se hi 6-7 Gmail account hain.Saare account login kr rakhe hain mobile me koi problem to nhi hogi trick use krte hue?

  8. Admin can I redeem via PC or laptop, also some problems when refresh , automatically logged out , how to refresh in chrom

  9. Memon maine multiple account bnane time up address nhi kiya kyunki mujhe apko truck ke bhare mai pta nhi tha ,but ab mai kya karu,kya mere accounts blocked ho jayenge ya mai 12 April se pehle kuch Aur kr sakta hu plz reply bro

  10. Yaaa bro memon u r right….. refresh of page is necessary… without refresh we won’t able to claim now button click…… Other bloggers are wrong…

  11. I completed 5 tasks n I’m having 1000 points, If I redeem I get only 1000 rupees … then how to get 1200 points n to have 2000 rupees, if I play task 6 I may fail to get voucher.. then how I can earn 1200 points.. is there any other way to earn 200 points

    • Task 6 will be live at around 9 AM on 12th April and Prize Shop will open at 12 Noon so you have more than 3 hours between both the events. So easily you will be able to complete the task and be ready for the Prize Redemption. 😉

  12. Memon which Sims net is best for redeem vouchers….jio or airtel or any other….. Tell me frnds jisne bhi redeem kiya h last Wednesday ko….which sim is best

  13. अगर आपको अनलिमिटेड वाउचर रडिीम करने हैं तो एक काम करना अगले बुधवार को जब 11.59 का समय हो तब नेट बन्‍द कर लेनाा और 12.00 बजे नेट ऑन करने के बाद सभी अकाउण्‍टस पर कूपन क्‍लेम पर केवल एक बार ही क्लिक करना सरवर ि‍विजी का एरर आयेेेेगा कोई बात नहीं पर आपकाोो दुबारा क्‍लेम पर ि‍किल्‍क नहीं करना है नहीं तो आपका कूपन कभी भी क्‍लेम नहीं होगा दुबारा 5 ि‍मिनट तक ि‍क्लिक मत करना और ऑटोमेटिक अापके जीमेल अकाण्‍ट में कोड सेेेेन्‍ड हो जायेगा और कूपन भी शो हो जायेगा। यह है अनलिि‍मिटेड ि‍ट्रिक मेने 24000 ि‍किये हैं इस ि‍ट्रिक से

  14. So can we redeem 2000Rs gift card on 19th coz on 12th it’s damn not possible have to play last event on 12th meanwhile gift cards become zero … So on 19th can we redeem ?

  15. Hi , memon husen , I open redeem shop on 11.57 a.m. and refreshed on 12.00 but when I click on claim now it’s shows me server busy and within a minute all vouchers stock out. Why ?
    Can I redeem on next Wednesday ?

  16. Stock last for 2-3 mins today. Not able to redeem. Please help me out.
    Please tell me how to redeem within 2-3 mins. it’s not possible while so many people are trying.
    could you suggest how to claim within 2-3 mins.

    • Die to huge rush and traffic their servers weren’t responding. Still lots of readers claimed lots of vouchers. Now you can try on upcoming Wednesday on 12th April.

  17. Bhai koi trick batao na how to get voucher easily..It says server down and page is not getting refreshed.. I only get 500 voucher, next time I want 2000 please share trick to get voucher.

  18. not getting any coupan….when i click claim now server crashed…and after few second its out of stock…..fuck this types offer……
    …any one got the coupan please reply….

  19. Did you got any today.? I don’t think anyone got any voucher today.. the site dsn’t worked at 12:00 to 12:05.. and then showed high server load and then out of stock. . Kya yaar chutiya banate hai.

  20. claim button not working.. pehle click krne se card out of stock dikhata tha.. aaj toh kuch bhi nhi ho raha click krne se..

  21. Bro Kya me 1 mob me sab account open kr sakta hu new-new window me Amazon voucher lana ka liya. Sab account 1 me open krna sa Dega ki nhi I’d tho nhi block kr Dega.

  22. Mr.admin we can redeem all the vouchers in a single Amazon account for example 3 1000rs vouchers redeemed in a single Amazon account??????

  23. I am not getting points for any doubts tasks…I created new Gmail accounts and new signups on 3 different mobiles.

    • With the help of multiple browsers and their incognito tab. Just open and login to all your accounts in different browsers and incognito tabs. At the time of redemption instantly redeem by just opening those tabs and browsers.

  24. bro to redeem voucher on 5 april we should refresh the page or now like after refresh the page only we wil be able to redeem voucher

  25. भाइसाब अमेजन ि‍गिफट कार्ड आउट ऑाफ स्‍टॉक बता रहा है।/ क्‍या करूं बताओंम्।


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