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I am back again with another trick of Facebook I know you all love WhatsApp tricks and now in this post you will learn.

List of Tips and Tricks for Facebook:

1. How to get 2000+ likes on photos with autoliker.

2. How to run two Facebook accounts in one phone “ROOT” our without root..

3. How to chat on Facebook without messenger with cracked apk of Facebook.

4. How to create Facebook accounts without email or mobile number..



TRICK : 1 (Tips and Tricks for Facebook)
>>How to get 2000+ likes on your own Facebook photo..??
>>is it possible..??

Yeah..!! You can get 2000+ Likes on your Facebook photo in a single day.. awesome 😉


>> you can get likes on your Facebook photo using photo liker app link given below..

1. Your age in Facebook account must be 18 +

2. In Facebook photo privacy must be  “public” so please change your privacy..

1. Fast download Facebook auto liker app from here [DOWNLOAD NOW]

2. Open the app and login with your Facebook account..

3. Now choose photo which you want for likes..

4. Click on photo and you will see and option in Bottom “want to like on this?”


5. Click and wait few minutes..

6.BOOM..!! Photo Added successfully..

7.You will get likes on Your photo..enjoy..;)

                      TRICK : 2 (Tips and Tricks for Facebook)

>>Want to chat in Facebook app without messenger.??

>> don’t want to install Facebook Messenger..??

>> is it possible..??

Yes..!! Its possible.. You can chat with your friends without messenger.. No root required.. Here’s a cracked application of Facebook app..Facebook messenger app almost 20 MB app and  consumes about 50 to 100 mb Ram and drains about 30% battery in a day..so Don’t worry..


Features :-

A. Chat without Messenger App.

B. Transparent and unique theme.

1.First Download Cracked Facebook app from here [Download now]

2.If You hey installed Facebook official app already then uninstall it..

3. Download and install Facebook cracked apk..

4. Open the app and login with your Facebook account..

5. Done now you can chat with your  friends without Facebook messenger app..

Look >>


                TRICK :3 (Tips and Tricks for Facebook)

>>How to run two Facebook accounts in one  Android phone (Root Required)<<

• if you don’t know how to root then click here

hey..do you have multiple Facebook accounts.. ohh..!! want to run in one android phone .with this app you can Run multiple Facebook account in one smartphone. See How


1.First download 2 Lines for Facebook apk from here

2.Open the app And Grant Root permission..

3.Now You will see + icon same as 2lines of watsapp..

4.Now you will see Facebook app is open..then login with another account..

4.Create lines and run 2 or more accounts in one phone..

5.You can ‘Rename’ lines.. and you can change lines whenever your want.

6.so enjoy. 😉
                    TRICK : 3(part 2) (Tips and Tricks for Facebook)
>>Here’s simplest step how to Run 2 Facebook accounts in one android phone (No Root Required)

Hey..if you want to Run 2 Facebook accounts in one phone without Root then you can Run..Here I am going to show you how to Run To run 2 Facebook accounts in one phone easily ..and the best thing is No Root Required..;)

Facebook mobile app is it requires so much storage space on phones and drains the battery. This is a big challenge if you have an older phone or You have slower internet connection.. (2G)..

Facebook Lite is  only 252KB only..


1.First install Facebook Lite apk from here

2.Open the app and login with your secondary/another Facebook account..

3.Done..!! Enjoy..

Features :-
1.Less then 1MB
2.Easy to use (2G)
3.No battery drains
                  TRICK :4 (Tips and Tricks for Facebook)
Here’s how to create Facebook accounts without mobile number or email..

Click here >>To know

Tips and Tricks for Facebook

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  1. #Bro facebook photo autoliker trick is not worlking , tried many times but no any single like on photos. My fb account age is 18+ and also set photo privacy as public but no magic. 🙁

    • Sorry to hear that the fb auto liker didn’t worked for you. What we suggest is you should once again cross verify that your sharing priority is public and your fb account BOB shows you above 18+. Still facing problem then let us know. We will work for alternative.


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