We know you were much awaited for the new update of our app!
And We have brought here a new look to our android app!

Tricky Time Latest Version v3.1.1 Released!


Whats New?

The New app look!

  1. New UI
  2. Added more blogs
  3. Open any link in your own default browser
  4. Added new contact button
  5. Submit us your Website/Blog for our App
  6. Submit your post
  7. All the app features in details
  8. Added about App Developer
  9. New themes added

And much more when you open new update!

Note: When you open the app, you will see the What new page. Just scroll down and there you will see to options to write your name and email address so please don’t forget to fill that places. Thus will help us in knowing who are using our app and we will also able to share more things about the app!
So why are you waiting?

Click download to download the latest version of Tricky Time app!

Thank you all for your suggestions and support! We always here from you and we last time received many suggestions from users and we did what they said so if you still have any suggestions or want any help then please write to us at [email protected] .

If you like our service or our Tricky Time app then please share it with your family and friends!

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