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(Proof) Wham App Loot: Earn Unlimited Freebies & Gift Vouchers Easily!

Here we are back with one more loot trick and the app name is Wham which is presenting one cool offer for its users. Get 100 Whams instantly on Signup and 50 Whams per refer. You can redeem Whams for freebies rewards like pendrive, smartphone and many more. Recently we shared loot of Paypal cash using StreetBees app which you can also transfer to bank. hope you all tried that and looted.

(Proof) Wham App Loot: Earn Unlimited Freebies & Gift Vouchers Easily

Update 3: Now Everyday Wham will have Restocks at different time in Different Cities. Also they are adding Exclusive Gifts when you complete the Challenge like Invite 10 Friends & Get Rs 500 Amazon Gift Voucher. Read more details below!

Update 2: Now also get Restock Time of New Freebies and Rewards in Updated App! More details added below!

Update: App is totally genuine. I got my redeemed reward within few days. I redeemed my points for Samsung Bluetooth Headset, Ambrane 10000 mAh Powerbank, Lenovo backpack, Flipkart Voucher, Amazon Voucher, etc and got it in 3 days at my Home for free with free delivery charges. Proof is added below. Try the app if you haven’t tried it yet!

Update 2: Now Daily Get 55 Points Easily! Method Added below.

About Wham App:

Say hello to Wham! – India’s first location-based rewarding app. Now you can simply walk in to a partner store and earn ‘Wham! Points’, collect, and exchange them for exclusive experiences across our partner stores!

Steps to Earn Freebies from Wham App:

  1. Download Wham app from Playstore: Click Here
  2. Install, open the app and enter mobile number.
  3. Now fill other asked details and verify mobile number.
  4. After completing signup process, you will see you got 100 Whams.
  5. Now click Menu and select Referral option and enter the given field as 7359857602
    This step is very important step in order to activate refer and earn to earn unlimited points.
  6. Now refer and earn more Whams.

Wham App Refer and Earn:

  1. Your registered mobile number is your referral code.
  2. Viral your referral code with your friends and ask them to enter it in Referral section of app.
  3. Once they do it you get 50 Whams and your friend gets 100 Whams.
  4. Refer and earn unlimited Whams.

Wham App Unlimited Trick:

Daily Earn 60+ Points Easily:

Now new feature of Wham app allows every users to earn 55 Points Instantly and that too daily! You just need to open the app daily and do the simple small task to get 55 points. here are the steps:

  1. Update your Wham App.
  2. Now open the app daily and you would see an option to Load your Daily Bonus of 5 Points. So click on LOAD WHAMS button and get 5 Whams instantly!(Proof) Wham App Loot: Earn Unlimited Freebies & Gift Vouchers Easily
  3. Now on the same wall, you see list of other offers, just click on them and just see that information for 10 Seconds and get 20 Whams for each information. Buy you can earn Daily maximum of 50 to 60 Whams. When you see those information, the top right side will also have a timer. (see below picture)(Proof) Wham App Loot: Earn Unlimited Freebies & Gift Vouchers Easily
  4. And when the timer reaches zero, you will get option to load your earned Whams! Click on LOAD WHAMS!(Proof) Wham App Loot: Earn Unlimited Freebies & Gift Vouchers Easily
  5. This way earn 5 Points for Check-in + 50 Points for watching the information of other offers.
  6. Follow this steps daily and daily earn 55 Points Easily!

How to Redeem Whams?

On dashboard, select Gift Vouchers option and you will see many freebies like Pendrive, Smartphone, Trimmer, etc. Just select any freebie reward which is under your available Whams and redeem it! You will get at your door step for free.

Rewards Restock Time Update: 

Note: Now Everyday Wham will have Restocks at different time in Different Cities. Start collecting More points!

New Wham update now shows the Restock Time of New Rewards and Freebies and due to this you can easily and instantly grab rewards without waiting! So take the benefit of it. Restock time will be shown in the Rewards section on the top bar (see image below).

(Proof+Update) Wham App Loot: Earn Unlimited Freebies & Gift Vouchers Easily

Daily Exclusive Cards Update:

Wham is now having update of Exclusive Gifts which you can grab by completing the task they give.

The task will be real easy and you will get Cool Huge Gifts in return.

Today they are running an Exclusive Gift Offer where you can Get Rs 500 Amazon Gift Voucher by just referring 10 friends. Gift Vouchers are limited so Grab before the Offer Expires!

To Redeem, Goto Gift Cards >> Exclusive Cards and there you see the available Offers!

Current Exclusive Gift Cards:

  1. Refer 5 Friends and Get Access to Grab Rs 200 Amazon Gift Voucher at 500 Whams
  2. Refer 10 Friends and Get Access to Grab Rs 500 Amazon Gift Voucher at 1000 Whams

Note: After completing the given tasks, you will get access to redeem that Gift Card, you will have to Redeem the gift card using your Whams.

Wham App UpdatesWham App

How does Wham Works?

To know how to Use Wham app and how to Grab more Whams for Free, watch the given below Video Tutorial!

Proof of Reward from Wham:

I redeemed Points for:

  1. Samsung Bluetooth Headset: 1250 Points
  2. Ambrane 10,000 mAh Powerbank: 1000 Points
  3. Lenovo Backpack: 900 Points
  4. Flipkart Rs.100 Gift Voucher: 300 Points
  5. Amazon Rs.100 Gift Voucher: 300 Points
  6. Sony 8 GB Pendrive: 600 Points

So it is really very easy to earn many points and redeem. Here is the All-In-One Proof!

(Proof) Wham App Loot: Earn Unlimited Freebies & Gift Vouchers Easily

Wham app Refer and Earn

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The update version is not showing time and they give giftcard at random time what i do
How to redeem point

Arun Soni

Now getting only 10 Whams per view even with fake GPS
Please solve this issue fast


Do you got other freebies like mobile


How you earn so much points

Arun Soni

There are several unlimited tricks on YouTube of getting 100000whams with rooted phone
Then how they could be


It isn’t unlimited trick
These are just views bonus from wham


Is referral work in parallel station


Bhai kuch bhi redeem nhi ho rha sab out of stock h


What to do whenever I’m trying to install it it shows ur device is rooted or doesn’t pass Google safety services and can’t install wham app plz reply


hey, use my referral code 8830342601


Nice tips. Thanks for the same about the WHAM!!!


Bhai app is not working good in 4g speed it shows unable to connect


wham app update
Download fake gps and select place Banglore now go on wham and see daily 11 am offer and other cities location are gift offer time is 5pm both are same but in Banglore you easily Reddem and daily points here gives 65


Bhai Fack gps creat karne ka trick batao

DEbdas sardar



Hey buddy is there any website to earn real money by just clicking the ads???


The updated app doesn’t show timing.At what time i have to check


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I got 100 amazon voucher
50 amazon voucher
Enter vibration usb joystick

🙂 It takes some attempts to successfully get the vouchers…do it quickly..otherwise it gets sold out.

digesh desai

Use my referral code 8000358677 other wise as user nothing got 🙁


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sk anmir

how many whams required to get a portablr hdd


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Rehan khan
it is cool app i am also redeemed lenovo k5 vibe note in 9000 whams so loot bhaiyo but please use my no to refferal 9975674510 thank you!

All the voucher is sold out. Cheeting app


Not delivering my vivo smartphone . Its app saying – we cant deliver in your city .
My city is Patiala .

How i get my vivo smartphone ??
Please help me fast .

Thank you .

Shubham verma

Is delivery available at jamshedpur??


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Digant Tonpe

But while shipping it should not create any problem. They might say that we will not ship to your city.

Digant Tonpe

Please reply buddy! I am having problem while selecting city.

Digant Tonpe

It is not available in my city ( nashik). Only two cities are available , Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

jhon cena

any trick to solve ” this gmail account has been used too many times ,pls use another account” //tried with device emulator but didnt works…


Don’t download it. As I was thinking all product less than thousands points are “””Sold out “‘” even pen drive also.so its cheat & fake.