We are again with the latest saving shopping offer!

Get Axe Dark Temptation Deo Spray – 150 Ml With Ear Phone And Micro Memory Card at just Rs.199

Original product(s) price is Rs.1499.

So isn’t it cool offer as you get it in Rs.199 only!

It is similar to the offer:
[Loot]: Get 10 piece of Half Girl Friend book for just at Rs.49

So read the whole post and enjoy shopping!

Steps to avail this offer:

1. Click Here to visit the offer page.
2. Click on Buy Now button.
3. On the next page, click on Proceed to Checkout button.
4. On next page, Login/Register or Make Guest Checkout.
5. Choose Cash on Delivery.
6. Confirm Purchase.
Then wait for the confirmation email and message that you receive about your purchase and enjoy 3 products at Rs.199 only.

Please Note:
While following this steps, if you receive any error saying that This site is under maintenance then don’t worry or panic.
Just refresh the page 2-3 times and you will be successful and the error will not appear again.

Cash on Delivery is absolutely free so you got those products at only and only Rs.199.

So you saved a lot!

So Enjoy and Share!

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