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This offer is provided by
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Earn Rs.2500 FlipKart Voucher for Free

Free FlipKart Vouchers
What is the use of Ship2MyID:

  • Mapping of your online and real identity.
  • Hassle free checkout experience.
  • Send Gifts to your friends without real addresses.
  • Stay top on your friend’s birthday and job updates.
About the offer:

This offer is provided by You will be earning Free flipkart vouchers for regidtering on the site and for referring friends.
When you register, you earn Rs.50 and when you invite a friend, n=both of you earn Rs.50 free.

Steps to avail this offer:

1. Click on the “Get Started” given below.
2. By clicking on “Get Started” button you will be redirected to Facebook log in. Just log in to your facebook account and click on “Okay” button after successful log in(See image). It is mandatory to login using Facebook in order to get Rs.50 free.
Facebook LogIn
3. Now you will be redirected to where you need to fill the required information like Name, Email, Mobile Number, Country, Delivery Information, Login Information. Please provide the correct information and correct address because you are going to receive your vouchers through courier.  
4. After filling all info just click on “Submit” button and your account is successfully created. 
5. Now you need to validate your account. So click on the “Validate” button as shown in the below image.
Validate Mobile Number
Due to overwhelming response, if you have any problems with cell phone validation, do not worry. They are aware of the technical issue and will validate your number manually (please send an email to [email protected] with your phone number). Just make sure you have entered the correct address and phone number so they can give it to the courier.

6. Within two days you will recieve an email to your registered email from Ship2MyId  about the Rs.50 bonus that you earned. You will also get more details for earning more by referring friends and you will also get your personal referral URL in the same mail. You can earn more by referring friends to so share your referral link with your friends and ask them to register on using facebook same as you did and they will also get Rs.50 and you will also earn Rs.50 per each friend you refer.

How to check how many friends you invited and your available balance: 

In the Ship2MyId site, at the top bar you will see Referral Score.  If it is 1 that it means that you have referred 1 friend and your current balance is Rs.100 (Rs.50 Bonus + Rs.50 friend bonus) likewise if it is 2 then you have Rs.150 and so on.
Minimum redeemable balance is Rs.200 so you need to invite only 3 friends to redeem.

How to redeem your balance:

After you get minimum Rs.200 in your account then you can redeem it for flipkart vouchers. So if you want to redeem then you need to manually request for redemption. Once you are ready you can claim your flipkart voucher by emailing [email protected] and requesting your vouchers in 200 INR increments (200-2500 INR maximum). You must have a valid mailing address registered in order to redeem your vouchers. After requesting your vouchers please allow 7-10 days to verify your referral score and mail your vouchers. 

You can earn upto Rs.2500 per one account.

Summary of terms and conditions: 
  • Self registration gives you INR 50 – when requesting your voucher  please furnish the email address which you had used for registration so we can recognize you.
    • You should have registered through Facebook or if you have registered through email, you should connect your Facebook to your account.
    • Your address should be accurate so that the voucher doesn’t get lost. 
    • Your phone number should be validated. 
  • For each friend who has used your registration referral link, you earn INR 50
    • Your friend should have registered through Facebook or if he or she have registered through email, they should connect your Facebook to your account.
    • Their address should be accurate so that the voucher doesn’t get lost. 
    • Their phone number should be validated.
  • that it would take 24 to 48 hours to get your friends validated before we confirm the accurate referral score and then release your voucher details

So why are you waiting? Just click on Get Started button and start earning.

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