Don’t Be Lazy! Be Crazy! Champcash will be very boring for you in the beginning but as you work little hard you can earn a lot by it. Little Hard Work and Patience needed for Champ Cash.

Champ Cash – The Ultimate Money Making App. This app is Just Like a Tree – You work hard in beginning and as it grew up it will be able to fed you with the Fruits on it. Normally there are many apps from which we are earning Recharges/Paypal $$/Gift Vouchers, Etc. This app is also something like those but has an extra addition to it which helps you to earn unlimited .


When I Started Using This App, I really Felt Very Laziness and Boring as this app includes some important steps to be completed as Signup and Need to Install 7-10 apps as a Challenge which is really time consuming and boring but you don’t worry as some hints are provided below and after completing this challenge you are also going to get Rs.65 (1$) and many more earnings will be unlocked!

Get Started:

  1. Download ChampCash Android App from Here: Click Here
  2. Open the App and Click on Signup with Champcash option.champcash-sign-up-248x300
  3. Now Fill up the asked details Carefully and Correctly.
  4. Now On the Next Page It will Ask you to Enter the Refer ID of Sponsor. Just Enter Code: 43347 and Click On Submit.champcash-enter-refer-id-242x300
  5. Now Accept Their Terms of Usage by clicking On “Accept” Button.
  6. Now Comes the Main and Boring Part of the app. Now it will ask you to download some of the known Android apps given one by one.
  7. This Is the Most Important part and Make Sure you Install All the Apps One by one Given to you. Make Sure After Installing you Open it for at least 1 minute.

    It Maybe very boring for you and you may think that it will ruin your Data Plan but imagine its the app which require hard work for just one time . Be patience and Download all 5-6 Apps. Most Probably apps will be small sized only like between 5-8 MB or Maximum 10-12 MB not more than that.

    Remember – “If you don’t Complete the task of downloading apps you can’t earn by refers . So its necessary to download all the apps to get started.”

    Tip: If you have the Apks of the apps which are to be downloaded from Champcash then no need to download it, just install those apps from the apks you have them in memory card. It will be counted as valid. This will save your time and main thing i.e., your internet data!

  8. Hurray, you completed the challenge. You will see the screen as shown in the below image. Just Click on Start Button.Screenshot_2015-06-01-11-37-45
  9. Start Sharing this app with your friends and Earn Unlimited with Direct Refers and also Indirect Refers. How? Read Below for More information on How Refers Works.

You can Also Earn more by Installing Apps and Completing more available Tasks.

How Refer & Earn Works?

In this app, You Not only earn money for Direct Referrals but you can also make money by indirect Referrals too. If your Referred Person and if he works Fine and Reaches at a Good Level then Definitely you will also earn from its Referrals. Just See how:
For Example – If Someone Referred You and you used his / her’s referral code then he / she will become your Sponsor and He will get a Commission also on your Joining. And when you refer others then not only you will earn but your Sponsor will also get some Commission added to his Account.

Check Out the Given Below Chart to know the Indirect Commission Rates:



  • Mobile Recharge: Minimum Rs.10 Required
  • Bank Transfer: Minimum 10$ Required
  • Flipkart Vouchers: Minimum 9$ Required

Hints to Earn More Easily:

  • If you are Getting Low Payouts, Then Change your IP every time before creating account, you will get higher payouts.
  • You can add any Number while sign up, because you don’t need to verify it.
  • Referred Money amount will reflect in Account after 35 Minutes.
  • Minimum 50$ Balance Needed for Transfer to Bank (you can earn in 1 day easily).
  • Don’t Clear Data of Champ Cash app from your Mobile number, If you do then you will not able to login into your Account again, So usage of Bluestack/youwave or 2 different mobiles for use this trick is necessary.
  • For any other query, feel free to comment below, I will try my best to help you.
  • Getting Low Payouts? See the Below Image:low



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