You might be knowing about JustDial app which has come up with referral program where you can invite your friends and earn unlimited cash which you can even transfer to bank. So this is the first app which will pay your earnings directly in your bank. Please note that this is verified app and totally working.

If you are new to this app then the below is some description to get started with it!

How to Get Started:

1. First JustDial App From Here.
2. Open the app click on Agree & Continue button.
3. Then ‘Enter Your Name’ , Your Mobile Number and then click on “Referred By” and enter this mobile number in referral’s mobile number box – 7359857602
4. Now it will verify your mobile number automatically. After that click on “Earn” button at bottom to start earning real money.
5. Click on “Share and Earn” – Share Referral link and Tell them to Enter your Mobile number as a Referrer so that you can get rewarded.

For Each referral you will get 1500 points and you can check your points by click on “EARN” TAB then click on “MY EARNINGS” 1500 Points are equal to Rs.15. 

Note – Minimum 50,000 Redemption points are required in order to redeem your Earnings.

Your mobile number is your referral code! Use our referral code once to Help Us! Our code: 7359857602

Now time to Earn Unlimited!

Loot Trick to Earn with Online Refers:

1. Unlimited Mobile Numbers.
2. Working Internet Connection.
3. Nothing Else but just concentration:mrgreen:.

Get Started:

1. Now to make online  refers,  simply visit this Site –
2. Enter Unregistered Mobile numbers each Time and click on Submit button.
3. Now Enter the OTP your Received and your Referral Code (Your main account Mobile Number).
4. Now Simply Click on “Submit” Button.
Hurray! Your referral will be counted in your Main account of JustDial.
5. Follow Same Process again and again to loot.

Disclaimer – Above Mentioned Site /Loot Script has not been generated by us – We are just sharing it with our visitors as shake of knowledge. We are not responsible for any losses made through it. try it on your Own Risk!

Tip – Invest One of your Unused JustDial Number to check that the online referral is working or not! If working, then carry onn and if not, try to Earn through the app loot trick only. Here is a simple post for it- Click Here

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