Scam Alert

Scam Alert – Noddy Cash App is Fake (Full Review)!

Guys you might have heard about Noddy cash app and also tried it. Today we are sharing review of it. It is a Free Recharge Earning app which pays for download and completing offers and also for Referring friends. But actually it is not giving recharge in real so therefore sharing here for awareness and also need your Help!!!

Scam Alert - Noddy Cash App is Fake (Full Review)

Update: Just received their call and they apolozied for the inconvenience. They said that they faced an Unethical Hacking Attempt on their servers which resulted in incorrect display of Wallet amount. They solved it and credited back amount to the wallet. Thank you guys for your Huge Support! Now you can change your playstore reviews to positive (5 Stars) and app developer has promised to Give the Best Possible Support in Future! You can Start using this app again! Thank you once again!

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Why We are Doing This?

We are Doing this Just because to Share Awareness and Help users to avoid using Such apps so that they aren’t cheated and their time is not wasted. We earned more than Rs.2000 in this app and redeemed around Rs.1000 but got hardly 50% of its redeem. Now Remaining balance also went to Rs.-19 (yes, its minus nineteen). We earned by referring friends and completing few offers and in the end we got nothing. So its time waste. So its our responsibility to report such app and avoid using them. Hope you will Help us report it!!

So Lets Unite and Report This Nonsense App!

 Reviews and Proofs for Proving it a Scam or Fake:

I was using Noddy Cash App in two smartphones, one in my father’s phone and one in my own phone. I earned Rs.1500+ in my fathers phone but they deducted earnings to Rs.500 directly without any notice, even I tried contacting them through each and every possible way but they didn’t responded. So this is the first point that counts as a Scam! Now later on the remaining balance of Rs.500 around was taken to Rs.-19 (minus nineteen). There’s no record of deducted earnings, so it is confirmed that I haven’t redeemed them!

In my own phone I earned Rs.1560 till now and redeemed Rs.1040 out of which I got around 50% only in reality (I mean only 50% of redeemed amount of Rs.1040 I got in the form of Recharge), remaining was said as redeemed but not got actually. Now the balance left is Rs.520 (Rs.1560-Rs.1040). Now yeterday it changed to Rs.-19 in this account also. Means almost every user’s account shows Rs.-19 (check yours if you are using Noddy Cash App). I again tried contacting them through Social networks still no response from them. So finally I decided to take the hard action against them and report this app to playstore so that they delete this app from playstore. This will help many users, readers from this fake app and their scam!!! See the below Image Please!!!

Scam Alert - Noddy Cash App is Fake (Full Review)

One more thing: The Playstore ratings of this app is 4.6 and you might be thinking this is real and not fake app seeing the ratings and reviews. But friends let me tell you, they are paying Rs.20 to all those who rate and review Noddy cash 5 stars. They credit Rs.20 in Noddy cash app after the review and rating of 5 stars is successful. In a way they are attracting users by this way, so be careful. The reviews and ratings are fake!!! Hope you got my point!

So How to Report this Scam and Fake App?

We will report this app to Google Playstore and also rate this app 1 star and write a scam review of it on Google Playstore. Just follow this steps!

1. Visit the Noddy Cash app on Playstore: Click Here

2. Scroll down and find a Rating option.Scam Alert - Noddy Cash App is Fake (Full Review)

3. Rate it 1 star and write the Title & Description for Review as give below. (you can also write your own review)

Title: It’s a Scam and Fake App.

Description: Totally Fake app and a Scam. Deducted all the Earnings and changed to Rs.-19. Don’t try this app.

Just copy above lines and paste them in Review Title & Description.Scam Alert - Noddy Cash App is Fake (Full Review)

4. Submit the Review. Now let’s Report this app to Google Playstore.

5. Scroll down and at bottom you will find an option Flag as Inappropriate. Just click on it and select Other Objection and click on SUBMIT.

6. You will be asked to Describe Objection, just paste there the given below Description.

Describe Objection: Noddy Cash app is fake and it’s a Scam. It features for Giving Free Recharge by Completing offers and referring friends and it also gives money in app wallet but deducts afterwards. Recently most of the users wallets were deducted to Rs.-19. It cheats all the users and the most unexpected thing is their customer support is not at all Responding.
Full Scam Review with Proof is Here: 
Please Remove this App from Playstore. Thank you!Scam Alert - Noddy Cash App is Fake (Full Review)

7. Finally click on OK to submit the Objection. That’s it!

Once you finish doing this steps, kindly comment below confirming us that you completed. 

TrickyTime would really be Very Thankful to you if you Help with this Action by Reporting this app and rating it 1 Star! It will Help many many users including you and us! Thank you!

Noddy Cash Scam Alert Review

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Hussain bhai done




WHAM is also same kind of app.
Write same article on WHAM.

Tushar donga
Tushar donga

Husen bhai done…. Without downloading app….

App valani patahri fari jase becuse i told my all friends to give nagtive rating and they are very clever to do this types of work ####hahahaha


Hey Memon,
I’ve successfully completed the reporting of the ‘NODDY CASH’ app.


Naresh kumar
Naresh kumar


Don’t worry brother , I m with you ,and I thankful of your , you will alreted me . I m now going to play store , and fight with you