Many people asks me for a solution to stay awaye from Social apps or sites just like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. just to save time and Stay Focused with their Studies or Important Worthy work.

The Solution is Here: Stay Away from FB, Twitter and Whatsapp and Save Your Time! Stay Focused!

Special Thanks to Nirmal Sarkar and Chandan Goswami for Sharing the Post with us!

If you easily get lost in endless scroll of facebook or twitter,unlimited chats of whatsapp or viber or endless game fun then this post is for you. It’s possible that you’re suffering from social media addiction. Just Relax and read the Full Tutorial!

Please give your full attention to this post and read it very carefully. This will really Help you if you’re severely addicted to FB, Twitter and Whatsapp. 

You will just need a small 891 KB app in your android device. That’s it!

How Does It Work?

This app will Basically allow you to Set time to the apps installed in yoor mobile like Facebook, Hike, Whatsapp, twitter, etc. You just need to set the time in minutes for which you will use those apps. As the app reaches the setted time then it with lock that app and you won’t be able to use that app for that day. For Example: If you set time as 30 Minutes for Whatsapp then you will be able to use Whatsapp for 30 Minutes that day. So Lets get Started to Control the Addiction!

Get Started:

  1. First of all Download Stay Focused app from PlayStore: Click Here.
  2. Now Install and Open it.
  3. Done! Just Select the Apps for which you want permitted time(your choice time period).
  4. Set the Selective Healthy time for it(see the featured images below!).
  5. Done! You will surely Stay Focused if you Don’t Cheat yourself. Cheat here means to Force Stop the app to use Locked app and Time Limit Reached app by any means!

Featured Images:



Stay Focused! Stay Healthy! Save your Time!

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