Use Paytm Without Internet

Paytm Offline: How to Use Paytm without Internet?

A great awaited feature of Paytm is live now. Now you can access or use paytm without internet. Yes, without internet use Paytm and do transactions, payments, transfer money offline. Its new feature using Latest Technology and hence we need to share it a lot to make it successful. So don’t forget to share this post with your buddies!

Paytm Offline: How to Use Paytm without Internet

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How to Use Paytm Without Internet (Offline):

So to start using paytm offline or use paytm without internet, you have to follow the given steps carefully and compulsorily. Paytm has come up with a Paytm Toll Free number for offline payments or to use paytm without internet. So before starting with it, you need to complete few steps in order to enhance the Paytm accounts security. You will need to set your PIN for using paytm offline. So let’s do it.

1. First of all call Paytm Toll Free Number using your registered paytm number: 1800 1800 1234Paytm Toll Free Number for Offline Payments

2. Now you will listen a Lady speaking, its Automatic means you are not hearing a real live person talking or speaking, its computerized.

3. Now if you are calling Paytm Toll Free Number for the first time then you will be told that you haven’t yet created or set the PIN. Therefore call will be disconnected.

4. Don’t worry, Paytm will call back you in next few minuted so that you can easily and instantly set a PIN for your Paytm account offline use.

5. You will get call back from Paytm, just accept it and choose your language. (For Hindi press 1 and for English press 2)

6. Now they will ask your to Enter your Pin. So just enter your 4 DIGIT PIN and remember this because its like Password which will help you in future transactions through Paytm Offline.

7. Now press 1 after entering your PIN to confirm your PIN.

8. Now you will be asked whether you want to Pay Someone (Make Payments) or End the Call. So select any of your choice.

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How to Pay Someone through Paytm Without Internet?

So finally now you are ready with your Paytm Account Offline PIN. Now you can use paytm without internet to make payments or send money to any of your contacts. Here are the steps:

  1. Call Paytm Toll Free Number. (Paytm Toll Free Number given above)
  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. Now press 1 to Send Money or Make Payments (Pay someone).
  4. Enter the Paytm Mobile Number of the person whom you are making payment or sending money (receiver’s Paytm number).
  5. Now press 1 to confirm the Mobil Number you Just entered.
  6. Now enter the Amount you want to send.
  7. Again press 1 to confirm the amount your entered.
  8. That’s it. You successfully sent the money or made the payment without Internet through Paytm Offline Feature!

It was pretty easy, Isn’t It? And its a cool feature enhancing the current development to technology! Paytm is already trying more easiest ways and involving new new technologies. So now its yout turn, inform your friends about this wonderful feature of Paytm to use paytm without internet connection! So must share this article with your friends.

Still Having Questions or Doubts? Read some of the Common Doubts or Frequently asked Questions with answers given below. Still if you don’t find the right answer then comment below your query and we will help you solve it for you!

Paytm Without Internet (Frequently Asked Questions):

Question: How do I create a Paytm account on call?

Answer: This service is for existing Paytm Users. You can create a Paytm account by logging into or installing our Android or iOS mobile app. Alternatively, use a friend or relative’s smartphone to do the same and don’t forget to log out. You can then call us at 1800 1800 1234, set your 4 Digital Paytm PIN and send money without a smartphone or active internet connection.

Question: How to add money to my Paytm Account?

Answer: You can log into or install our Android or iOS mobile app. Alternatively, visit any of the 2,00,000+ cash-in points across India to instantly topup your Paytm account. To find the nearest one, use Paytm Nearby.

Use Paytm Toll Free Number for Payments – Paytm Offline

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